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Suggestion for future test of housing...

Aug 19, 2008
Very excited as I just discovered the news that Wizard101 is going to get housing. Talk about adding a whole new concept!

I noted in previous test realms that items such as crowns weren't activated when we tested stuff. Maybe when you copied the subscribers over you could give everyone x number of coins/crowns to be able to test the new items? It will all get deleted anyway...but it would give us a better chance to really test the new items!

Can't wait!

Oh did I mention KI rocks?

Dec 16, 2008
I totally agree with having a certain amount of crowns to just play with on the test realm. These would not carry over to our real realm and would help us try out the new stuff. I did hear of the housing from the friendly necromancer on his blogspot and he even has some pictures! This should be fun!