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Stuck in Museum

Aug 04, 2008
I have finished Katzenstein's Lab and got quest from Watson to meet Sherlock Bones inside the Museum but everytime i go to the Museum Sherlock Bones is never there. So i can't finish the Big Ben.
How to resolve this? Please help.
I have finished all side quests in every part of Marleybone and no more npc with yellow question mark or exclamation mark above their head.
The quests left in my book are the cat quest from Zeke, the history book, and the instruction from Watson to meet Sherlock Bones at the museum.
Anyone has same problem? This never happen to me on my old wizard.
Any help or info appreciated. Thanks.

Apr 18, 2009
try to unintsall the program and then install it again or check your internet connection because my dad had bad internet and then he changed it and he got out :?

May 31, 2008
Why don't you try, going in, then if he isn't there, switch realms, and go back in. This is a problem that happened to me once or twice on my wizard, but was easily resolved.