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Dec 28, 2008
Hello, i've been trying to get into the spiral chamber for a few days now. I'm level 15 and i've completed every quest but the instanced quests from the death school. am I missing something? I'm told I should have gotten a key for unlocking the chamber after beating the haunted cave boss but I never did.

If anyone can guide me here, i'd be very grateful. thanks

Dec 02, 2008
Do you have the Krokotopia quest? That's the one that lets you in. The quest line is:

A Look of Horror -> The Dark of Nightshade -> The Sixth School -> Krokotopia -> (several more quests that take place in Krokotopia)

A Look of Horror starts from Merle Ambrose. I know that Danger, Danger! is a prerequisite. It seems likely to me that Rescue Report and Triton Report are also prerequisites, but I don't know that. Quests on Colossus Boulevard are not prerequisites for this quest line.