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Storm vs. Fire

Jun 30, 2010
May 26, 2010
Feb 16, 2009
I think Fire is better.

Not only does Fire have better accuracy, a lot more health than Storm, and Damage Over Time, a Pyromancer is generally better to work with than a Diviner.

Sure, Prof. Balestrom is more fun and less strict than Prof. Falmea when it comes to teaching, but learning Pyromancy from Falmea is just easier for me.

Besides that, until you get to the later levels, a Diviner will need help from friends. The outfits don't give the needed health bonuses to make up for the Diviner's natural frailty, and those that do leave them either defenseless or weak, bonus-wise.

This is just me, though. Soem people may find it easier to work with a Diviner than a Pyromancer.

But, for me, FIRE RULES!!!!!!!

Jack Fireheart Level 60 Legendary PYROMANCER (WOOT!!!)

Feb 19, 2011
If you ever get a convincing answer to this question then you basically are insulting the game designers because it shouldn't be so simple that one school is simply a 'better' version of another school. If you only care about straight damage output then i would guess that storm is better but its also simply different because the damage is less reliable and its difficult to avoid a bunch of damage lost to overkill. I think its more of a question of having the right plan and building the deck correctly.

Mar 09, 2009
I have 2 legendary fire wizards, 1 legendary storm guy, 1 legendary death guy, 1 legendary balance guy, 2 legendary life guys and 1 legendary myth guy so far.

Although my storm guy is quite capable of taking care of himself in any battle, my wizard of choice is one of my fire guys. Why? Perhaps because fire was my first wizard, but I really think that fire dragon is a really cool spell. A fully bladed (along with gargantuan) fire dragon is quite capable of major damage in ANY battle!

Rogan Firehammer - legendary fire wizard

Jun 30, 2010
In my opinion, storm is better. Storm has really powerful attacks that can drop most enemies in one hit. Having life as a secondary with storm makes storm really good because they can heal then. Low accuracy isn't a reason not to choose storm because a lot of storm cloths bring up storms accuracy. My storm wizard has plus 10% accuracy and that is with a not really good outfit either. :D Storm is the best. :D

Oct 05, 2010
it actually depends on you secondary school, if you a storm with life as a second, well you are simply the perfect wizard

Feb 01, 2010
why is everyone bashing on storm i think you guys should realize we also have the highest attack in the game who cares about accuracy or health we can finish fights fast i say fire is a close second besides in the end if you have your level 58 gear you have 96% accuracy and my storm wizard has about 2300 health maybe a little less idk i haven't played him in a while but yeah storm is a great school so storm first fire second

Aug 08, 2010
I would say there isn't a BEST school ...

However, I think fire is more versatile. Fire has about the same health as Storm (especially at the higher levels), a bit higher accuracy (only matters at the lower levels - my storm has over 100% accuracy at legendary), and the damage is slightly less (until you get to legendary, and then storm has the highest damage by far).

Although Storm has the highest damage at legendary, Fire has all of those nifty DoT spells. Fire even has a heal spell (although puny, it does exist!) mixed with a DoT spell.

The most important question though, is what will work the best with your play style. Neither school is easy in the beginning though. In hindsight, I probably would not recommend either of them as a first wizard (fire was my very first wizard). However, they are well worth all of the challenges once you get to the higher levels.

If you are new to wizard101, I would highly recommend taking the quiz that helps you pick the school that is right for you. :)

Feb 09, 2009
Oct 30, 2008
taskforce876 wrote:
What is better in your opinion, storm or fire and why?

Choose fire unless you have a good eye in stats for clothing. If you take storm with really good raising accuracy, you are unbeatable with life.

Artur Goldenblood, Level 54, Fire Wizard

Fire Dragon + my creativity = BILLY BOB JOE :D :D :D

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
I've played both.

In the early-to-mid game, I think Storm is easier (as long as you learn Life as your second school). Storm fizzles more, but when they do hit, it's so hard that the enemy is obliterated. Fire fizzles just about as often, but because there is an early reliance on damge-over-time spells, Fire has a harder time killing fast enough to survive.

After mid-game, however, the two seem to be equally powerful, but which one is "better" will probably depend on your fighting preference. Fire's health is second lowest in the game, yet it is still quite a bit stronger than Storm's health. Fire ends up with more damage-to-all options and at earlier points in the game, giving them a slight mid-game advantage over Storm. Fire also has many damage-over-time spells, giving them a way to get through shields that would stop a Storm wizard.

Also, by mid-game both schools offer ways to increase accuracy. (By end-game, both Fire and Storm can end up with 100% accuracy, much better than Life, Balance and Death, who often stall at 90-95% accuracy!)

At end game, Storm will kill lightening quick (assuming there's no shield). Fire will consume totally, but it takes a little longer. Storm has a spell to trap all enemies at once, while Fire does not. On the other hand, Fire's Dragon and other multiple damage-over-time spells will burn through shields, yet Storm Lord and Tempest can be stopped cold by a single shield.

Which is better....? I really can't say. For soloing, Fire may be better (very powerful damage, slightly higher health, easier to break through shields). For groups, Storm might be better (extremely powerful damage-to-all spells, their lower health can be helped if there's a healer in the group, and they can be the powerhouse that helps out single-shot schools like Myth, Life and mid-game Balance or Ice wizards).