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Storm School Worst School to Have

Jun 11, 2010
dude come on your only apprentice wizard and I magus, there are a lot of ice people in krok. but no I am not trying to trash you .
oceandaydreamer wrote:
IamLezul wrote:
Heck, your lucky to be storm. Storm is like the overlord! I have not noticed a lot of storm bosses in DS. If your going to be sorry for someone, be sorry for ice. Almost EVERY monster in krok is ice. Most of all the spiders in DS, ice. AND you need to fight those ice guys to pass your quest. I mean, ridiculous!

Not true. Only one place in Krok is mostly Ice, that's the Krokosphinx. have you not noticed that the three main part of Krok focus on the three Elemental Schools? The Pyramid is Fire, the Krokosphinx is Ice, the Tomb of Storms is, of course Storm.

If you know how to stack your deck, even if you are fighting the same school, it's really not so bad. I've played every wizard type all the way to Grand(some 2-3 times, made new wizards) and can honestly say that the game is pretty fair and even as far as types of monsters you have to battle that are same school. Also, remember, if you are Ice, at least you DO have a prism...Balance doesn't, so that is even more challenging to fight same school(especially since the spells they give you to use against balance often get blocked by Balance monsters' shields and you obviously don't want to use straight Balance spells on them either,) and there are quite a few Balance monsters and bosses...more than you realize.

Also, as for the spiders in DS; Most of the quests you are given to kill spiders in the Crystal Grove can actually be taken care of with killing the Storm Spiders. I actually prefer to fight the Storm spiders, even with a Storm wizard, because the Storm Spiders don't use Tower Shields.

By the way, I, for one get really tired of seeing these threads where someone feels the need to beat on a school. It's really lame. Every school has a strength, and every school has a weakness. It shows how good of a player you really are if you can handle both sides of any/every school. So, the OP here, really you need to learn to use your school better and enjoy it, stop complaining. THERE IS NO BEST OR WORST SCHOOL.

Aug 21, 2009
TROJAN250 wrote:

I think myth has a lot of bosses and I never see balance bosses. I am full fire, half storm, and a quarter myth. I think fire and storm are the too best schools and balance is like second cause storm and fire tied for first. Then maybe life cause they can heal. But storm as worst school, LOL, you have to be joking, and your a storm wizard.

- Joshua Dragonbreeze lvl 37 pyromancer

As a storm player, I'd much rather go up against a storm boss than a myth boss as the storm boss is much easier to defeat. The problem with myth bosses is that storm can not effectively use prisms against them and myth bosses have a nasty habbit of casting storm shields upon themselves. With a storm boss a prism converting to myth acts like a trap for additional damage of which storm does not mind much about at all. Sure the storm may cast a myth shield, but that is why storm players prefer to use myth wands, so again no problem. Going up against storm bosses also means much less damage for storm players who have high storm resistances. Going up againt myth bosses means storm is taking even more damage per time the boss attacks with a myth spell.

Jul 01, 2009
KI needs to lower the storm boss's health. It's so unfair that divinairs have less health but storm bosses don't. Storm attacks are the strongest at of all the schools!

Jun 11, 2010
Read my ending quote.

Jasmine StormBlood
Lv. 20 Adept Sorcerer
Balance is not the best nor the worst. BECAUSE ALL SCHOOLS ARE EQUALLY POWERFULL!!!

Jul 17, 2009
Storm is not the worst school all are equal with BOSSES AND MONSTERS ON THE STREET and also ever heard of a storm prisom maybe you should try using one sometime I:

Aug 01, 2010