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Storm School - Accuracy Buff = Likes Dislikes.

Jul 15, 2009
Hello :-D I'm Rhystic I come from many other online games. Thought i'd check this out before Aion comes out!

~ Storm School - Seems to be lacking fizzle rate is way to high.

Using an +10 Accuracy spell should not eat up spells with 100% accuracy such as +DMG or Resistance changes and another Accuracy Spells. I subscribed just to write this so opinions please.

I'm sticking with storm although I think you should add the high miss rate in the decscription. I was under the impression that only my hp would suffer not my land rates. 70% is way to low for the hp hit you take being storm I believe 75% would be a fair land rate.

I can't count the times I wished I was Ice or Death though.

Also looking for suggestions for my secondary school 0 points spent lvl 15.
Thinking Storm/Death or Ice tyvm

Rhystic StormBringer

Mar 01, 2009
you should read and/or post at lightning and fire wizard issue it is a lot like this

i would do ice cause you get tower shield and good accuracy as well as average damaging attacks