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Storm Power Has Found Its Way to Fire and Ice

Dec 29, 2009
I have to agree with darthjt . I do not think any world is too hard. So what if you have to change your play style a bit to deal with harder hitting foes. Thats great to me. If the game gets any easier it wont be any fun. I don't know about everyone but I like the quests a creatures to be difficult and challenging.

Sep 08, 2008
Something has occurred to me, relatively recently, too. With that new light shed on this whole thing, I can peacefully close this up. At least for me, so my mind is appeased and I can peacefully take whatever KI throws at me, and just hope that this game does not go 'overboard' for me.

There are basically two kinds of players that have shown themselves throughout this course of the thread:

-There are some people that like a challenging game that is not too easy.

That means for casual players there is a good chance of death around every corner, with heartpoundingly difficult fights. So, us casual players won't find that fun.

-Then there are some people that like a casual game, that is not too hard.

That means for hardcore players there is minimal chance of death around every corner, with enjoyably easy fights. So, the hardcore players won't find that fun.

One thing to keep in mind... "Heartpoundingly difficult" and "Enjoyably easy" is relative. Every single person will have their own definition of these.

One thing I also keep talking about is the 'balance.' Both hardcore and casual can be combined in such a way to where this is not just all a frustrating chore to play through. I probably said that already, so I am just rambling about 'balance' now.

I just hope that in the future, the scales of balance do not shift too far to the hardcore side, because then, ** I **, would find this game not enjoyable. Whether or not I think this game is or becomes enjoyable for everyone ELSE is irrelevant. It is simply my opinion that I have for myself, and do not in any way or form try to impose that on other players. So, no need to question the way I think, or why I think the way I do.

I will either keep playing Wizard101, or not. And this will not affect a single soul out there that plays this game.

Mar 27, 2011