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Storm is misunderstood.

Jan 27, 2012
Everyone says that storm's low health is due to its quick-kill ability. Thats true, but ONLY with mob fights. In pvp and boss fights, we have to shield and heal more to survive. A medusa on an that takes 600 health takes 800 on us, not to mention lower health. Now we're down to 1900, while an ice is at 4500. At this point we're already shielding, getting hit more, healing, then get a blade or two in, and repeating the process. Its a headache.. especially if you get hit with an earthquake or enfeeble.

Even with 90 damage and 261 critical it takes me 3 blades, 3 traps, and a bubble to kill an azteca myth boss in one hit.

Im not saying raise the health or resist of storm, I'm just letting everyone know that storm isnt the quick-fight school everyone says it is. Takes the same amount of time for us to finish a boss as it does an ice. Just we do it differently.

Sep 17, 2012
It's all about how you choose to play. I personally have never once cast a shield on my storm wizard. It's always blade blade blade maybe trap then hit. Leave the healing to a pet or friends. It takes a LOT less time to kill bosses than on Ice. Ice requires a lot more blades. As for earthquake or enfeeble, those are somewhat annoying, but storm and myth are pretty easy for a storm wizard to become immune to anyways.

Nov 30, 2011
Wizard101 made schools with different talents. For example, Storm is strong. The talent of ice Is that it has high health but weak spells. Overall when you think of the pros and the cons of each school, its all even, and the battles will take the same duration.

Dec 17, 2010
I agree, Storm needs a slight Health Boost, just like Fire had one a couple of months ago.
I mean, I'm a Death wizard and I have 5441 health...

Jun 19, 2010
I've been playing W101 since 2008, and storm is definitely a very misunderstood wizard class and school.

Some interesting observations over the years:
  • Storm wizard getting told to attack NOW with an Owl, Sirens, King, Levy, or Lord; yet they only have one white pip showing!?!

  • Storm wizard acting as the team's tank; and holding their own

  • Storm wizard acting as the team's healer; between attacks
  • Watching other players invite storm wizards onto their team; then telling them not to attack
Other wizard schools have misunderstandings too; but storm has some pretty good ones. What misunderstandings about storm have you had or observed while playing Wizard 101?

Jun 01, 2014
I totally agree I'm also a storm as for me it takes about the same ill do blades traps windstorm darkwind and then a Supercharge with about five six power pips to get 100 percent damage for blades then have to wait four or five rounds and strong a triton and attack and one shot kill the myth boss.Have a good day