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Storm / Balance

Jul 11, 2014
hello my Question is Will Go Good With . sense it has Shields and stuff you will need.

or is it better too go with Life / Storm

what's A good Alternative

Sep 17, 2012
With as your main school I would go with for healing and learn the elemental blades from and learn to feint.

If you are asking for main, I would go with for secondary schools

May 22, 2011
I am balance and my secondary school is life i stopped after i go centuar

Aedan Iceshard level 42

Mar 13, 2014
if you are talking two different wizards, yes, balance and storm work very well together. Storm is the hammer, balance provides heals and extra blades/traps.

If you are talking secondary schools, no. Generally speaking, the whole concept of a "secondary school" is a silly way to waste training points. Training points should be spent to get specific spells that will help you, not tossed willy-nilly into a "secondary school". The most common mistake new players make is thinking they can use damage spells from a secondary school. In the long run, this doesn't work. You never have as many blades, traps and other damage increasers available for secondary school spells as you do for your primary school. Later on when power pips dominate spellcasting, secondary schools are limited by only counting power pips as one point. Training points should be spent on support spells, not attacks.

Here are a couple of links regarding training points: