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storm and fizzle need to be change

Sep 03, 2008
ok, just what happened to me just now
i was facing 2 mob, 1 rank2boss and 1 rank2 i'm lvl11 balance/storm
i spend 30mp, yes 30mp to kill these mob and i killed nothing
30 lost, i died, that's simple no spell worked all fizzle, nice really nice

it's not 70% success the storm, it's 70% fizzle
this success rate need to be fixed for storm really fast

staff and wand need to have accuracy % bonus

Here's some information that may help you decide whether or not Storm magic is for you.

Fire has mid range health, low accuracy and high powered spells.
Ice has highest health, mid range accuracy and lowest powered spells.
Storm has lowest health, the lowest accuracy and the highest powered spells.
Life has high health, the highest accuracy and the lowest powered spells.
Death has mid range health, high accuracy and mid range powered spells.
Myth has mid range health, mid range accuracy and mid range powered spells.
Balance has high health, the high accuracy and mid range powered spells.

Sep 08, 2008
I have to agree that Storm accuracy is often frustrating, but its power will pay off.

While storm adds good damage to the balance wizard, accuracy loss just comes with the package.

To help out with your survivability, invest in some good health equipment, granting you extra health, and keep a stash of healing treasure cards on you just in case you do need healing.

I have often thought about deleting my storm wizard, and changing to a life and death wizard, but after 25 levels of playing a storm wizard, being able to 1-hit KO almost anything makes it worth it.

I might have it a bit easier since I have life magic as my secondary school. Being able to heal myself is extremely handy, especially after storm fizzles.

Just keep up the good work. Balance/Storm sounds really exotic.

Sep 08, 2008
I should also add that some equipment and drops add accuracy bonuses to certain schools, once you move further into the game, they will become more easily available.

It might seem daunting because you are not at such a high level, but trust me, once you get there, you will become more powerful than you think.

Jul 20, 2008

I feel your pain. After the wipe my husband decided to recreate his person as storm. Knowing about the high fizzle rate, I created mine as balance since we almost always fight together. We too felt the fizzle rate was out of wack and began to keep track of each attack and fizzle. Doing this we found that it was DEAD ON at 70%.

He has boosted his accuracy with the 10% accuracy boost that you are given with storm. Also he has invested in a countless supply of the 10% accuracy arrows from the library

He has a lot of fun with storm now.

May 28, 2008
Lol, I also tracked the fizzle rate on my storm school wizard, fearing that it was not calculating right. Over the course of several days, I also found 70% overall fizzle rate, so it's working the way it should. Perhaps it just seemed like quite a lot of fizzle because I had previously played a life wizard. :)

Even with 70% fizzle, there are few schools who can survive against a skilled storm wizard in the dueling arena. It almost seems unfair, because as long as you don't fizzle, you will probably win. So, since you don't fizzle 70% of the time (better with good gear) you tend to win duels 70% of the time (better with good gear). :)

Aug 22, 2008
the fizzle mechanic is a bit annoying, though its one of the big difference between each of the schools and its their for balance i guess.

But what about changing it to be a positive 'fizzle' effect?
Additional 'boosts' to the spell you were casting if you hit the 'fizzle' roll percentage, e.g - fire=minor dot,life=minor heal etc etc - would be a lot nicer to the players and still keep the schools/fights balanced.

Sep 08, 2008
Yea, I have been thinking about this, and the "boost" or "bonus" from fizzle effects will not make a fizzle seem so hopeless. I'd say the "boost" effect from fizzles should be different for every school. Some ideas I could think of right now would be:

Thunder: +2% accuracy.
Fire: +1% accuracy
Ice: +1% damage.
Balance: +2% damage.
Myth: +2% to Power Pip.
Death: +1% Resist.
Life: +2% Healing.

Anyway, something along those lines. Then again, even though you lose the mana for each fizzle, you DO get to keep all your charged pips. You can just turn around and just fire off multiple high level spells in a row. Once you reach a level where you will use level 6 spells and such, you would need to be charging them pips anyway. :P

Some battles it seems like I fizzle all the time. This is no joke, I have spent 25 minutes fighting two single mobs, and must have spent about 30 mana, fizzling 5 times in a row and keeping myself alive solely on healing spells.

Some fights I never fizzled at all, its as if I had 100% accuracy. I lost count how many bosses I downed with one single thunder spell because I didnt seem to fizzle at all. Storm blade with Storm trap and a Thunder Shark or Kraken make a duel SO satisfying to watch! :P

I also thought of making a myth wizard, but finding out that myth wizards are basically in the same boat as a storm wizard as far as health goes, I find it a bit daunting.

It only SEEMS like that sometimes you fizzle constantly, and it only SEEMS like you never fizzle at all. You shouldnt be discouraged at all. Just like if we wanted to call heads on a coin flip, it always SEEMS to land on tails, especially when we would really want it to come out on heads. :)

Jul 27, 2008
You say:
Storm has lowest health, the lowest accuracy and the highest powered spells.

<I am Storm>

Well, I must agree with those above that the fizzle rate is way above what you say it is and that is annoying. It was for Ice too.
The low health is even more annoying, especially since the monsters drop nothing cool for me EVER. Sure get a lot of cool stuff I cant wear though. Everyone 10 levels below me has better health and I cannot win a duel on my own in Marleybone.
Here is what is REALLY annoying: I have a stupid quest to go back to triton and get 4 rotting fodder. OK easy enough. Why then have I had 25 BATTLES AND ONLY GOTTEN ONE???????
Same with the street sweepers and hooligans and many others. BTW, to a person, nobody likes Marley, especially with low health.
Please people, fix this silliness, we don't want to be mad at the game all the time. Why play a game that makes you mad?

I really do like the game overall, it just needs a few things tweaked. Beautiful graphics and music, and it is addictive, but I want to feel like I am moving somewhere. Lately I haven't been.

Sep 02, 2008
My first wizard in the beta test was a balance/storm. yes it can be hard in the begining to survive lots of trips back to the commons with 0 HP, but keep at it at higher levals there will be little that can stand in your way and survive. even went through sunken city solo. Stay focused and you will be rewarded.

the stork

Aug 19, 2008
Shiningfantasia wrote:

I also thought of making a myth wizard, but finding out that myth wizards are basically in the same boat as a storm wizard as far as health goes, I find it a bit daunting.

Myth major / Storm minor

Just made one a few days ago and she is finishing Collosus today. She has been a blast to play! Funny but you learn to work around the fizzle rate. Try it!

Hint: you can get boots from Zeke that have the Sprite card. I tend to just go ahead and use that at the start of bigger battles and it really helps!

Sep 08, 2008
Oh yea! I made me a new Myth wizard yesterday before I logged off.

I am not put off by the low health. I am level 27, or 28? But as a storm wizard, I have 1.3k health. Sure, compared to all the others, its not too much, especially with the HP loaded crown gear, but I have found myself to be doing pretty well. (Although, I have a hard time surviving against thunder resistent thunder mobs).

In any rpgs, or in the fantasy world overall, I have always liked and played the exotic spell casters, you know, such as bards, summoners, and the like.
Among those, the next class I would enjoy would be the powerful monster casters like Storm. I am now actually not sure why I didnt pick Myth over Storm, but Storm was assigned to me at the beginning of the game, and I think I just went ahead and rolled with it.

I was told by multiple people that Myth wizards depended on their pets, but is that not what summoners do? I look forward to getting bored with my Storm wizard so I can play my Myth wizard. :)

Jul 27, 2008
I will chime in again by saying that I am sorry for saying bad stuff about marleybone. I was harsh there.... not easy to get around and way too dark, but well designed.
I will still complain about the stupid high fizzle rate and stupid low health of storm. Just had a battle in the cave in mooshu-which is no fun to cross the middle of btw- only to have my tempest card fizzle four times in a row! needless to say I lost, where I should have won early on. Please explain how four out of six times of use is 70%!!! (I have been writing the successes and failures down - so far way way below the advertised rate) I fizzle regularly on all my storm cards (don't even get me started on storm shark or lightning bats!), and am lucky to beat any storm or life dudes even with help. I understand that the schools are different in their health and the like but this is ridiculous. Maybe you could have the dudes drop something cool now and then THAT I COULD WEAR??? I am level 39 and the best combination of clothing gets me 1500 health and almost nothing else!!! I know it is not supposed to be a breeze but this is getting lame and I am getting tired of leaving the game mad!
Off my soapbox now and going to sleep angry.
Must. find. a. life.

Sep 20, 2008
Sep 08, 2008
Still waiting for maintenance to finish up their job so I can continue to fight Oakheart for my shoes and staff. :P I figured I'd use this opportunity to write down some thoughts. :)

Anyway, I read my old post, and I am sort of awed on how I was only level 28 or so. I am now level 44.

I have some of the better Mooshu equipment, and overall, I have a +13% accuracy rate. That brings storm spell accuracy up to 83%. Which is better than default Fire, Myth, and Ice accuracy.

However, in a recent fight, I fizzled four times in a row. Yes. Four times in a row. Funny how that works right? You gotta remember, 70% accuracy rate applies to each and every single individual spell. While 70% translates into 7/10 sucessful spells, that does not necessarily mean you will hit a succesfull cast 7 out of 10 times. What it means is that whenever you cast a spell you will have a 7 out of 10 success rate. So, you can have a spell fail 5 times in a row. That is unlikely, but hey, that can happen.

I also fought several battles in which I never fizzled, not even once. And even my Wild Bolt managed to land a hit. Chance is chance.

And think about it. You are a Storm Wizard. Apply a Feint debuff on your opponent, a trap, and then apply a blade and then a blade from the balance school. Fire off a storm spell. If it fizzles, oh well. But if it hits, you'll have the most destructive damage that you have ever seen. The fact that Storm can potentially outdamage every other class makes the low accuracy rate well worth it.

Btw, I will agree that Marleybone is a serious pain in the behind. I was so happy when I finished Big Ben and moved on to the Mooshu world.

Sep 22, 2008
I play storm too. And over the course of my entire game experience I'm pretty sure the 70% accuracy is about right.

Although it is hard to believe after a streak of bad luck, I know.

The fact is, if you play long enough, you will occasionally find yourself hitting streaks of good or bad luck. This is true of anything. If you flip a coin 50 times, you'll probably hit heads or tails 5 or 10 times in a row, but the average over 50 flips will likely remain close to 50%

I've had times where I fizzle 8 times in a row, and times when I nail every spell through 10 battles.

It all works out. I actually really like Storm because of randomness.

Storm is both the most and least powerful spell school, depending on your luck that day.

Oct 01, 2008
Well yes storm magic does have low accuracy, but again it is very powerful against most anything you fight. Plus Stormzilla (the highest storm magic spell you can learn in Ravenwood) only costs 5 PIPs to cast while most other highest level spells of other classes cost 6 PIPs!

Sep 08, 2008
Dont forget about Triton, Storm wizards exclusive 6 pip spell. It is even more powerful than Stormzilla. :P

But true, now that I think about it, spells like Helephant and Centaur and Wraith all cost 6 pips, and Stormzilla still remains even more powerful.

But one thing I have learned, even if some higher level spells are only 5 pips. Using such high powered spells outside your school can make things really inefficient.

You cannot wait for power pips, you would have to wait 6 full individual turns just to cast a spell like Centaur. This is seriously a pain to do, especially when mobs try their best to defeat you. As a Storm wizard, for example, I will never use Centaur spell because of that. And now, I regret ever spending a training point for it, which I could have used for something like Elemental blade or Elemental trap.

But, Centaur is PRETTY. Lol. (I now wear the necklace that gives me an even more powerful Centaur spell. :P )

Feb 26, 2009
I used to play with a Diviner named Jenna Jadefinder and I was doing realy well, to a point. I was pretty happy with how everything was going until she reached level 10, at that point it seemed that the monsters were so strong that you could'nt get ANYWERE unless you could hit them repeatedly. And unfortunatly, with storms low acuracy, that is imposible. At one point I pretty much gave up on my Storm character and made a necromancer named Fiona Starcacher.(Right now, she is level 22)
I do miss playing with my Diviner and I hope that this ishue with Storms high fizzle rate is fixed. :(