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Stitching With Gold?

Mar 22, 2010
I had an idea last night... What if we could stitch crowns with gold. Right now I have a really lame looking outfit, awesome clothes without the advantages my lame clothes have, and about 6 crowns. I was wondering, why don't you update the game to allow stitching with gold?
Post "/sign" if you agree.

Aug 21, 2009
I'm always for more differentiation in the game and agree stitching should be made available with gold as it makes the entire place look a bit nicer when even the free players look nice. The better the game looks the more people will want to subscribe to it, so I can't say that making stitching available for gold would result in lost revenues as it may serve to increase revenues. I do think making permanent mounts available for gold is likely to decrease revenues. I do like how the more expensive pets can't be rented for a day by everyone which makes them more rare in the game and rewards those who bought them. I do however think that all mounts should have a trial area like the houses do where you can go in and view what they would be like. Select a house you want to view and then be able to select a mount type you would like to test while viewing the house before buying either.

Jan 11, 2009