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Stiching the Mystical Flute...

Aug 10, 2009
If you stich the 1st teir flute with the highest level Life wand, do you still keep the flut motion when you cast spells

May 20, 2010
When I got my pack, I converted mine to a Tier 5 Mystical Flute, which is a level 40 wand, gives 6 cards, and does damage of 110. I haven't used it much, so I took it to Unicorn Way to see what the animation looks like. It has an animation similar to playing a flute (actually a recorder).

I bought a Level 60 Balance wand from the Bazaar (Insightful Spyglass), which does 120 damage. I went to Eloise Merriweather and paid her 100 Crowns to stitch it for Mystical Flute Appearance and Insightful Spyglass stats.

I then went to Unicorn Way and tried it out in battle. It has the Mystical Flute animation and does 120 damage. So apparently it keeps the Mystical Flute animation while taking on the stats of the wand it's stitched to.

It's also occurred to me that if a player doesn't mind spending 100 Crowns a shot, this wand can be re-stitched to various wands, as the player gains levels.

Aug 10, 2009
Great My Life wizard(Thomas Emeralddust) will love this, because Life is music.:D