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stats on clothing and weapons

Mar 29, 2010
I don't understand why the programer for the stats insists that less is better
I've been checking out the new level 70 gear and I find nothing that I can use because everything reduces what i've already got such as an example my tunic has 503 hit points none of the others even comes close to this if I bought the best of all the level 70's and above(hat gown boots athame and ring) My hit points would be reduced from 3400 to under 3000 not worth the effort. my dagger and ring give 21% increase in power pips each and the best of the new ones are only 11% which means that I lose at least 20% if I buy both also they are lower in hit points or mana points and this or something like this can be said for all the new gear and the new decks are laughable we cant be buying the same decks over and over again.
the new decks are the same as the ones or less than the ones I already have you need to figure out how to give us more main spells than the 64 that every new deck gives since level 60 maybe see about adding a second or a third page to the decks or maybe add some hit points or mana points to them maybe even give some criticle hits or blocks with them just something to make them different than the ones we already have. So would you please consider upgrading the new gear? I don't know if this subject has been brought up before as I haven't scaned all the messages in the forums so if it has please forgive me for bringing it up again but I thought it needed saying

Dec 29, 2009
Yeah its truly a sad situation. I totally agree. The gear isn't good at all. Will not trade my level 60 ww gear or level 55 crafted gear for this new junk. Like you said even the decks are worse. I don't get it. they Improve the enemy but not us as well.. We want good new gear...

Feb 03, 2012
Well they are trying to step back from the power of the ww gear but they are missing some thins important for that transition:

1. lack of wanted stats
2.loss of wanted stats
3.we still have better gear
4.enemies are getting tougher, we need the gear

It seems like they are taking steps back on gear, but forget that they're taking steps foward on enemies. Don't worry i'm sure they're waiting for a right time to unleash some really killer gear , soon i hope.