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Sprites- Put back the good will in the game

Dec 16, 2008
Please return Sprites to the library treasure cards. Having these encourages people to be generous to others and helps heal in battles when working as a group. I can't see how making it harder to get these cards or create these cards is going to help the game be more interesting or challenging. You're simply removing a positive aspect of the game that helped kids make choices to do selfless acts in the name of the greater good. Put them back please.
Mary K.

Apr 25, 2009
Yeah, I never used treasure cards before because I hated using things that were so rare, but if I really needed healing and remembered I had them I would use them. Now that they're even harder to get, I'm saving all my healing ones for myself, and I'm probably not going to use them anyway.

Dec 31, 2008
Well, kids can also show off their selflessness by casting their healing spells on other wizards in their group; or, if they aren't the healing type, by shielding, protecting, and/or fighting for the healing wizards in their group.

And I'm not sure how selfless it really is for a typical Life wizard to, say, run of to Unicorn Lane with a pile of Keen Eyes and come out five minutes later with a fist full of healing cards for his friends. As far as I could see, the enchanted treasure card "trade" always felt more like a black market to me than some kind of a "to each according to their need" utopian paradise.

Frankly, all the treasure cards got too easy to get and trade, and wizards learned to use them as a crutch, rather than as a useful extra. The game is perfectly solo-able right up to Dragonspyre with the cards available in your own hand (or that you can make for your own sideboard). For those who might find it too much of a challenge ... well, that's what making friends and finding allies are for.

Dec 16, 2008
The point of this game is NOT to solo, but to play as a family or groups of friends. There are more lessons to learn for kids playing the game in helping others. I never really trade treasure cards...so I think you're maybe making a big deal about nothing on that one.

I see today that they have put back what they took away in the libraries. I think the fundamental game rule the developers broke..especially in a game targeted to kids is you can't take away something once they have it.

Thanks to the developers for realizing that and returning the game to a more balanced state.