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Spiral Showcase - Length Extended

Jun 17, 2012
Thank you so much to KI for extending the length of this recent Spiral Showcase to 12 days instead of only a week. The extra few days really helps to get those 500 points needed for the final prize. I was stressing out during the first Spiral Showcase trying to get all the tasks done each day on each wizard. At the end of the first showcase, only 2 of my 6 wizards were able to reach 500 points because I just ran out of time, so thank you very much for extending it!

Also a note to wizards who have not learned how to fish..... I have 6 wizards, and only 3 of them are fisherman. I never planned to have all of my wizards fishing.... until the Spiral Showcase came out. The 20 points per day for catching fish is CRUCIAL, especially since the team-up kiosk task appears to be glitched. So I am in the process of getting all 6 wizards into fishing. If you plan to participate in the showcase, get all of your wizards fishing immediately! Don't make the same mistake I did!!

Autumn WH Level 11 Angler & Fisher Queen

Aug 03, 2016
I've tried, all; but I cannot understand the event.

What am I missing?

I can't see where to find the event or quest or purchases we have to do, to finish it.

I paid for one scroll? And a scroll appeared on various items. But I can't get any of them.

I was trying to buy one of the little dances.

I really don't "get it."

Jun 17, 2012
Hiya Sparkle Tude!

The Scroll of Fortune is separate from the Spiral Showcase. The Scroll just sits there on your events page and will remain there until the end of the Fall Season. If you do buy the scroll, you will get each and every prize as you accumulate points. If you do not purchase the scroll, you will only get the prizes that are not locked, as you accumulate points.

KI says the way that you get points towards Scroll prizes are to participate in Events. Right now, there are only 3 separate Events that you can participate in to get points on your scroll, they are:
1. Deckathalons
2. Beastmoon Hunt
3. Spiral Showcase

If you do not participate in these three events, you will not earn any points towards your scroll. It is easy to avoid the deckathalon or the beastmoon hunts if you so choose, but you have likely already earned points on your scroll from doing the Spiral Showcase even if it was unintentional. If you have fed your pet a snack, you earned a point. If you have caught any fish, you earned a point. If you do your daily assignment quest, you just earned 20 points.

During the Spiral Showcase Event, each task you do on EACH wizard, accumulates points. There are only 5 tasks you can do right now that earn points in the spiral showcase:

Feed pet snacks to your pets - the first 20 snacks you feed your pet each day gets you 1 point each, total of 20 per day. Doesn't matter what level the pet or snack. If you want more bang for your energy buck, feed low level snacks to baby pets.

Catch fish - each fish you catch will get you at least 1 point. Yes, if you catch 20 Icecudas, you will get 20 points. You do not have to catch 20 different kinds of fish. If you catch Rank 1 fish, it is 1 point each. Rank 2 fish are 2 points each and Rank 3 fish are 3 points each. You will only get 20 points for fishing per day / per wizard.

Do your daily assignment quest - If you do your daily assignment quest, you get rewarded anyway from your gravulum badge page - gold, arena tickets, crowns, or a prize from a wooden chest. But when you do the daily assignment during the Showcase, you get 20 points a day just for doing it! Woo hoo!

Craft something - Specifically, 5 things a day. The only thing that does NOT count are transmutes and treasure cards.. So if you sit at your card crafting station making cards and turning ore to diamonds wondering why you aren't getting crafting points.. that is because they do not count. Craft some jewels, some housing items, some rings, some beastmoon seeds, craft that spell deck you have been wanting! You get 4 points per item crafted and you can craft 5 things a day to get points. So, 20 points a day per wizard. If you don't wish to use up rare reagents, go to Eudora Tangletree in Olde Town and buy her recipes for Bolted Boards, Chipped Wood, or Broken Planks. These spells all require basic, cheap reagents and as soon as you have crafted them and received your 20 daily points, feel free to feed the items to your low level pet!

Help a team in the Team-Up Kiosk - This one is a BIT tricky because right now it appears to be bugged/glitched but... If you go to the bazaar and join a team up from the Team Up Kiosk, you are supposed to receive 20 points per day/per wizard for the Showcase. This will only be credited to you if you team up in the highest world your wizard has access to. This way max level wizards can't just jump on a team up in Krokotopia and be done in 2 minutes. You have to help someone about your level... Also you have to complete the team up. If you team up in a dungeon with several floors and you bail after the first floor, you won't get the credit.
At the moment, it appears that only wizards who are questing in Polaris, Mirage or Empyrea get the credit for this task. If you have wizards who have not yet reached Polaris, KI has suggested using the kiosk to help out in Grizzleheim or Wysteria for credit toward this task. I have not had any success doing this, but others have.

Keep in mind that these events and also the Scroll, are PER WIZARD.
For example, I have 6 wizards. My highest level wizard purchased the Fall Scroll of Fortune. Only that wizard will receive all of the SOF prizes. If that wizard gets prizes she can trade, (such as the Autumn Keeper Fish Tank), then she can put them in the shared bank for my lower level wizards to use. If she gets a prize such as a Dance Emoji, or a teleport effect, these are good for that wizard and only that wizard, none of my other characters can share that prize. My other 5 wizards have not purchased the Scroll and therefore will not receive any of the locked prizes by earning points themselves.

The points your wizard accumulates are only for that character - for that Event. Your ice wizard may have 300 deckathalon points where your storm wizard has 0 if you never took that wizard through the deckathalon tower to battle. Each time you log on to your wizard you will see the Gamma icon in the corner because the Scroll is always going to be there. It will always be listed first or at the top. If there are other Events going on, you will see them listed below the Scroll.

Today is Monday, 8/26/19 and there is only one Event running, the Spiral Showcase. If you earn points in the showcase, it will also earn you points on the Scroll. We just had a Myth Tower Deckathalon end last week, so you likely will not see another Deckathalon until mid-September.

Every point you earn in the Beastmoon Hunt or Deckathalon will also go toward your Scroll. KI has stated that they will only be running the Spiral Showcase between Events. The current Spiral Showcase ends in 7 days. I would predict the Beastmoon Hunt will start the day the Showcase ends.

Hope this helped you out!

Autumn WH

Jun 17, 2012
I had mentioned in my post on 8/26 that crafting treasure cards did not earn you points for the Spiral Showcase crafting task. That is INCORRECT! It does credit you 5 points per TC crafted, yippee!
I apologize for any misunderstanding. I tried crafting a TC for points on the Showcase in Test Realm and it
didn't work so I assumed it wouldn't work in live. My mistake! Apologies for any confusion!

Autumn WH

Aug 03, 2016
WOW! Thank you so much Nordic Champion/Autumn WH.

I appreciate the time you took and your well crafted explanation sooo much!

You did a great job explaining. I hope anyone who feels confused about any of this will read your August 26 at 2:04 PM post. (Dunno if time stamp differs for other people, but, the ones just above this.)

Thank you again so much. I have a much clearer understanding now.
I did have a couple of questions.

"Each time you log on to your wizard you will see the Gamma icon in the corner because the Scroll is always going to be there."
Gamma the owl? What does he signify? What scroll? Why will it always be there?

"We just had a Myth Tower Deckathalon"
I still do not really understand what a Deckathlon is. Or a Beastmoon either, for what it's worth. They seem like PVP events? I only tried PVP once or twice. I got slaughtered.
I suggested around that time that there be a meet up for other bad PVPers so we could get the point etc., but I could never make it in at a pre-arranged time. One reason I still hope for a hangout type of place - in a moderated realm. A root beer cafe, I think Alien51 suggested.

"there is only one Event running, the Spiral Showcase. If you earn points in the showcase, it will also earn you points on the Scroll."

So, right now if I go fishing or do the daily it won't count in the Showcase or Staircase (I get those two confused by the way), only the Staircase counts points for now?

And as we get points, the prizes unlock? But only during the events? After the events, the scroll would apply to the next event, until it's used up? Until we pick which prize we want to use it on?

I might try to feed a pet a snack or catch a fish and see what happens.

"Team Up Kiosk, you are supposed to receive 20 points per day/per wizard for the Showcase. This will only be credited to you if you team up in the highest world your wizard has access to."

This sounds fair but my higher levels are not much help to others in higher worlds. They only got there 'with a little help from friends' whether wiz or hench.

Thank you so much again!

Aug 07, 2014
I have already reached the end of the arrow and wish it could be done over again.

Would love to get the prizes twice over.

I could totally make it to 1000 points. In the time given.