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spend training points, astral schools?

Jul 20, 2014
I am a life char, lvl 33, and have 2 training points I don't know what to do with.

I have:
death to feint
The blade and trap from the Kroc balance tree.
This forum told me to do that and it worked beautifully.

The only other hint I have from players on training points is Ice to tower shield,
but at the moment I don't need it, I am going to wait until I do
but kinda curious when that will be.

I also want to know if it is worth saving training points for those astral schools I have
read about, or do they use different training points of some kind. My goal is to solo
Malistaire, and then move on to the group stuff I hear post 50 is kinda required.

As an aside this game is great, I have soloed Wiz city, Kroc, Grizzle, and Wysteria so far,
with some detours needed to lvl up when I got stuck somewhere, and understanding what
prism did allowed me to beat Chester Droors easily (at lvl 32). I did all the optional dungeons
open to my level first, the underwater one, ngozi, and the death school grubb one.
I admit I was worried how life would solo, and did get stuck a few times and this forum
has unstuck me every time so far. :-)

I am really liking the various worlds, I like the alternating themes, and how some of them
are wizard schools. The game dropped a clue that mooshu is another school,
looking forward to that.

Dec 15, 2013
hmmm if u want to save up for the astral school go ahead but is a long wait. i recommend that u just save up for something closer to ur lvl than waiting to be a lvl 50.

Sep 07, 2011
Don't train Ice spells unless you are going to PvP a lot. Tower isn't needed for questing, and you can get shield treasure cards for the few times you'll need them.

You are going to want all the Sun damage boosts, Fortify and Amplify, and probably Mend and Infallible.

Some Life wizards train Myth to Frog and use a mastery, so that is an option if you want a faster AoE now (or Frog TC)

Life is great to solo once you get Forest Lord. Hang in there. Once you get "fluffy" you can just smash everything with that.

Jun 02, 2013
Hello Jesse,

As you progress through Wizard101 you will see that you have a surplus of Training Points. The tricky part, as a solo player, is to know when to use the Point(s) and how the spell(s) acquired will benefit you in your progression. There are third party websites that list all the spells of each school and how acquired so you can see how to place your Training Points.

As to the Training Points that are left over, you may consider learning "Reshuffle" or the "Stun Block" spells for now. Although these spells don't boost your damage, they are beneficial nonetheless.

If you find that your damage/healing is not enough, than you may consider training Ice school up to Tower Shield" for additional defense.

Other factors to consider are pet training, gear upgrades, and periodically visiting your school Trainer to see if they have new spells for you to learn. All these will strengthen your wizard in addition to learning secondary school spells.

Best of luck in how you decide to use your Training Points and in The Spiral.