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Spell card order?

Mar 22, 2009
Hello all,
How can you organize your deck in a way to make your spell cards come in a desired order for combat? They appear to show randomly know matter what order I place them in.
Thank you kindly,
Magus Angel Hawk Life Wizard.

Dec 07, 2008
Your cards will always come to you in a random fashion. Just like any other card game your deck gets shuffled before every duel.

Aug 19, 2008
You can't.

What you can do:

1. Have a reshuffle card in your deck; you can use when the cards aren't coming up like you want or if you accidentally discard one you need back.

2. Take out spells you don't use. As I have gained heath and leveled up; I find myself constantly deleting certain cards. Those now have been taken out of my deck.

3. Try placing various amounts of different spells in your deck. The more often you want a spell to come up...put more of that card in your deck. For example: in Dragonspyre I have 6 phoenix; 5 of each charm/trap; and fewer amounts of the other cards. Its percentages: if you have 1 card of a spell out of 10 you have a 1:10 chance it will come up. If you have 5 cards of a spell out of 10 you have a 5:10 chance it will come up. Always consider this when placing cards in your deck. If you have 3 of each spell they have the same chance of coming up...alter that.

4. Use your Treasure Cards like your back pocket. My smaller wizards have only heal cards in their treasure cards. I can always pull one up. As the wizards get bigger; they tend to keep cards they would like to pull up like my life wizard has all multi-hit cards (meteor strike; the frog and sandstorm).

Hope that helps?

Good luck in Battle!

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Before entering an area, or a Boss battle, stop and determine their schools. You can then trim and modify deck.

For example, at level 28 Life school needs to fight Freddy Nine Lives for the 5-pip regenerate. (Death also has this quest at level 28 for their minion.) I determined that he was death...perfect for life. Saraph boosted with a combo of three shields/swords was enough to do at least 1000 damage, his life. You have to fight him 9 times, so I set up my deck: 3 saraphs, three life swords, three 1-pip myth spirit shields, three life shields, three 1-pip spirit blades, and 1 balancer-blade (item), Discard when you get excess shields/blades. At 40% power-pip, assume on turn 4 you can blast. Sure you take some damage (usually 300 points, but, at that level it is trivial).

I then went out, re-modified deck, and life moved on....

Dec 02, 2008