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Special spells

Jul 30, 2010
I once saw someone use a spell called tempest. I looked in the storm school but it wasn't there? I also saw someone use this two headed dog attack? I saw a spell called firezilla but there are no mutates for it. Does anyone know where to get these spells?

May 20, 2010
Tempest is in the Storm repertoire, and it can only be learned by Storm wizards, who do a quest to get it. It does 80 base damage per pip to each enemy.

The "two headed dog" is Orthus, a Myth spell.

Firezilla is a mutation of the Storm spell, Stormzilla. Some enemies have this spell, Storm wizards can create it with the proper mutate card. Some pets can drop the card. I don't know if any enemies drop this card.

Aug 23, 2009
Some school spells are only for that school, ie-tempest, but treasure cards can be obtained; two headed dog is othorus spell only for myth wizards; the firezilla is a special pet spell that can be obtained via the pet or via hatching with that pet.