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so long, farewell...

Oct 22, 2011
In Dragonspyre's world, we do bounce
In the lair of Malistaire, we jump and pounce
"Take him down" we do declare
Both Malistaire and minions we do not spare

Over dressed and over powered
All we will see is Malistaire cowered
"Defeat them both" he tells the minion
But then again, that's just his opinion

Laura and Brynn, Balance and Ice
We took him down, isn't that nice?
Free fish-paste cookies, ice cream and cake
Malistaire cried, yelling we're on the take

Over and over we made him fall
Ever wonder why he doesn't call?
We've stared him down, we've cast our spells
All we can say is Malistiare smells

Team Awesome will sorely be missed
It's so fun to see Malistaire pissed
On the walls of the lair, there was a mural
"Forever a Team", that means it plural

Sep 25, 2010
Oh my Gosh this is some of the worst news I have ever heard . I can't believe you're really leaving! I didn't know you in game but I've read so many of your posts throughout the boards. You're an awesome writer, seem to be an awesome person and I love all of your posts. You always seem to have a kind of sense of humor tied in perfectly understandable logic about the game. You will be missed, very. If you're not gonna renew your subscriptions I hope you do eventually and don't forget about all of the people that missed you. You should take time away from the game yes, but it is fun to do things like write fan fictions even when you aren't playing. I'm not that good at poetry so all I can say is you will be missed. We all hope to see you post again real soon

Just Keep Wizarding -
A very very sad Scarlet Dragonpetal and Amanda Dragonflame

Feb 07, 2011
you guys are all so awesome, not to mention funny as... uh, that fiery brimstone place that isn't dragonspyre.

i will miss each and every one of you; i have no words for how these messages made me smile, and your poetic "talent" is to die for. i have no idea how long i'll be gone, but i may be back sooner, rather than later, just because i love these boards and i love all of you (and mally too, of course).


Jan 29, 2011
A late farewell from me but I wish you the best of luck Von.You have been appreciated on the message boards very much.If I lived near you I would get you a membership.Well bye Von.Just to tell you my old account is banned and this was hanging around so decided to use it.

Tyler LegendFriend the banned wizard

Jan 29, 2011
A late farewell from me but I wish you the best of luck Von.You have been appreciated on the message boards very much.If I lived near you I would get you a membership.Well bye Von.Just to tell you my old account is banned and this was hanging around so decided to use it.

Tyler LegendFriend the banned wizard

Feb 16, 2010
HES BACK!!! i saw him on some places in the message board recently
so much for leaving the message boards for a while

-jack skullbreeze master of fire

Jan 29, 2011
@Jack SkullBreeze, He will leave soon he has a few more days in the spiral.Once again Von good luck and visit aqualia if you yet haven't.

Jan 25, 2009
Y-you're leaving..? But Aquila just arrived! Please stay, just for a month at least!

Feb 27, 2009
Tyler LegendFriend... on Jul 14, 2013 wrote:
@Jack SkullBreeze, He will leave soon he has a few more days in the spiral.Once again Von good luck and visit aqualia if you yet haven't.
Poem Time:
Make a trip to see Eagles
Also watch out for the Beagles
As you fly up in thee chariot
Say Bye Wizards and Marriott

As you step off thee mighty chariot
You realize Marriott teleported to you.
You are crying and are saying boo hoo
because you will lose your membership soon.

You go compete in the Wizard Games above
You go talk to the administrator and see a Dove.
You go compete up in the sky,
All the Gods of Olympus say Oh my.

Then you tell the administrator of your win
Then she says gave me a minute.
She then get a trophy for you,
then you tell him I got to go soon.

That's one of the dungeons in Aquila. Mount Olympus! Go see it before you go.
As the Seraph on Unicorn Way says "Go quickly my friend,".
You will be missed.
A sad Wizard.

Dec 03, 2012
Let me also say...
Congrats! This has now become a hot topic. A lot of people will miss you.
A poem (I'm horrible)
Celestia's waters are blue,
And we will miss you.
Wizard city's lake is as cold as ice,
And, Von, you were very nice.
Many people have come and gone,
But you were one of the best, Von.

Molly says-
Bye Von! Shadowsong, I never met her, was my roll model.

Ps, rottenheart,
You made my all time favorite post.
Great ideas for beggars! Check it out wizards XD

Feb 07, 2011
Since tomorrow is officially my last day on the boards~
I, Dr. Von, hereby leave:

-my ruined paintings (yes, all of them) and my Tunic of Torment to Brynn Iceblade;
-the fish-paste cookies in my cookie jar to Iridian Shadowweaver;
-my collection of horrible poetry to Angela Dragonstone (the wizard that rocks);
-my terrible fan-fic speculations to Scarlet Dragonpetal;
-the dress I stole from Morganthe to Scarlet Nightdreamer;
-my hatred of PvP and the Arena to Christina Moonblade;
-my Waterworks-induced naps to Mark Deathmask;
-my fictional Out-Of-Ice-Cream-Time-To-Die wand to RottenHeart;
-an endless supply of ice cream and hugs to everyone!

In my absence, Brynn Iceblade and Destiny Spiritgiver are the new Mrs. Mallys; please be nice to him, and don't tease him or the minions about their horrible fashion sense (their self-esteem is low enough already);

I would also like to appoint Molly the Balance Wizard as the official keeper of Mr. Fluffy/the dragon titan; please don't forget to feed him, and take him to the vet about those weird eye twitches.

Remember, I'm only a memory away~
(maybe) see you in the Spiral again soon!


Aug 08, 2012
I'll miss you . You are very funny.

Jasmine Rainbowdreamer level 46

Mar 16, 2010
Its sad that you have to leave and the fact that I never heard about you... ever, but. bye.

(No offense) (Seriously, I dont know you from anything... and dont know why this thing got hot cause I never heard anyone else talk about you)(No offense again.)

Feb 29, 2012
Say goodbye, say farewell,
If you come back, only time will tell,
Scarlet promised not to bother Malistaire,
So don't worry, if you come back he'll still be there.

I'd write more, but I can't think,
So I guess I'll just stare and blink,
Not believing that Dr. Von,
Is now leaving us, she is gone.

Thanks for the dress. :) We'll miss you, best of wishes from the Nightdreamer family. Sydney, Alura, Scarlet and Aaron all wish you good luck.

Sep 25, 2010
Wow...Out of 35 million wizards you leave your horrible fan fic specs to... Plus an endless supply of ice cream!!! Can i get some peanut butter with that? But thank you V, as i said i'm not good with poetry. What i didn't say though was that i like to sing and the title of this thread are lyrics to a very fitting song. "So Long Farewell" from the Sound of Music. We the wizards of the spiral all want to see you again in less than a year. All of us would be happier if you decided too renew your subs in the first place. Otherwise we wouldn't have anything to be sad about right now.

Scarlet Dragonpetal who's suddenly not in a mood to work on her fan fiction today

Nov 24, 2011
I've always wanted to know, before you go, please, how did you meet Quequeg? I've kind of wanted a friendship like that. I'm so tired of soloing 98.8% of all things I do. I hate walking around the commons all alone .

Good luck to you, and I'm going to spare you the torture of a poem from me .


Jul 28, 2011
I know You probably won't read this or will be able to resond...

But Thankyou for your poetry

Angela DS

Mar 20, 2010
I know you probably won't read this-but I have read so many of your pieces. Please return when it feels right; good fortune in everything you do. Vonawesome, Dr Von-I've never met you in game, but know that your knowledge and presence will be missed. I feel as though this is the end of some kind of era.

Thank you for your logic and humor; thank you for being female. Thank you for everything else.

Nov 26, 2011
You probably will not read this, vonawesome, but you have always been nice and cheerful and I hope the best for you and I hope you come back soon. So farewell, again.

Dec 20, 2012
I'm gonna miss your funny posts . I'm trying to think of a poem.

is black, is yellow,
I hope this is mellow,
I can't believe that Dr. Von,
is actually gone,
we will miss her very much,
I hope the world treats you well enough,
I still can't believe your leaving here,
and where is my root beer?
Good Luck Dr. Von,
for all wizards that still play on.
Alyssa IceBlade
Corporal of
Sierra Mist
Queen of Pop :D

Jul 04, 2012
oh we'll miss Dr.Von so much
Making us laugh
Making us smile
Being the greatest wizard in the spiral

Sorry i am not a great poet!

Angela Gem
Level 48

Aug 20, 2010
Von, I don't really know you in Wizard101, but see you in the message boards, my poem will show what I think of you.

Von, you rule the message boards.
In the game, you wield the greatest swords.
Your posts, when I see it, I read it.
Oh, those words full of wit.
What can I say?
Well miss you.
Until you comeback (yes you better come back) another day.

~Farewell, Dr. Von

Jul 18, 2010
VON IS LEAVING!?!?!? NOOOOOOO!!!!! I always loved reading your messages on this boards YOU WILL BE FOREVER REMEMBERD!!!! We will all miss u . ... . . . . . . . . Stay magical !!!!

Jun 16, 2011
this is very very very sad. i hope you well come back.

a sad wiserd