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Skeleton Key secret areas

Aug 03, 2014
I like the idea we can actually try and get better loot without spending crowns. However, I do have a question about this. I re-did Hollow Mountain today for the Red Panda pet and I previously unlocked the dungeon with the chest, now I couldn't get to this place when I went to the door. Now here's my question, can you still go into previously unlocked dungeons for different rewards or you can only unlock it once? Please respond immediately

Charles Ghostbringer Level 61 Myth Wizard.

Jun 08, 2009
Every key only unlocks a door for one instance. This means when we restart the dungeons, the doors are locked. We need a key each time to unlock the door. Find additional information at Duelist101.com, an official fan site. Here is a link to this specific topic: http://www.duelist101.com/news/updates/wizard101-skeleton-keys/