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Should I start over with a new character?

Jun 25, 2009
Ok, I need some serious help guys. Right now I am a level 17 Myth/life wizard. I am really not liking the spells and its hard to solo sometimes. I was wondering if anyone would suggest starting over. I have completed wizard city and almost done with first part of krokotoapia. And if you think i should restart, what schoolsshould i have? Thanks :)

Jun 14, 2009
Well, for what it is worth...

I have a level 15 balance/myth wizard. I am familiar with your problem because upon entering krotopia I feel my spells are definately not up to par to the NPCs I encounter there.

This is my first char, so I cannot judge the later stages of the game, but I would not be surprized if this is just a phase in which the game is more difficult, but should get better later on.

Unless you are really unhappy with your char I'd try to sit out at least krokotopia, since it'd be such a shame of all the time invested in your char to just toss it out of the window.

But maybe those with higher level chars can shed some light on this all. I for sure would be interested in this as well since I'm running into similar problems but with a different school combination.

Mar 12, 2009
Since you can have up to six characters and you really don't like the one you have now, then yeah i would try something new, just test out another and maybe it will be the one you like. As for me my favorite is balance cause you got a little bit of everything in there, such as attacks, healing, buffs and defense. Balance is good with any class but it also depends on what route you want to take, for instance if you want a power house, go with balance and storm or balance and fire. If you want to be more of a support then go with balance and life. My second favorite is death cause of the double edged spells such as vampire and wraith which hits them and heals you. There are many good choices out there its just what you feel will fit you. Just have fun and try to combine different ones till you find one you like.

May 29, 2009
I have six characters. I started out with just balance because I thought it would be evenly spaced. I wasn't too familiar with the school things so I trained at both storm and life.

When I got to initiate I created other characters of different schools so I could see which should be my secondary. I think they all have great merits though.

The only thing I think I did wrong was pairing them up with their opposite classes.

My characters are balance/life-This is my strongest because I am able to use attacks, have multi blades, traps and shields for ALL six classes. In addition to that I get to heal others as well as myself like life students (healing hands), I have spectral blast which uses either a fire, storm, or ice attack at random, I have more than one minion like myth (mander and spectral minion which summons either ice, storm or fire minion). You also get precision spells to place for you and your teammates plus reshuffle that can be used to add cards that you discarded back into your deck. I have done most of my quests on solo with this character and usually end up helping lots of people along the way

My life/death and death/life is strong too because death has some damaging attacks and I am able to heal myself and others with the life spells.

My storm/myth and myth/storm is my weakest because of the precision. The attacks are powerful when they work but the chance of fizzles are greater than any other character. The myth is better when fighting in a group or with the minion.

My ice/fire is strong except that the fire spells fizzle a lot but not as much as storm. A lot of the spells you get do damage either over time or to multiple enemies