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Should I get a membership?

Aug 07, 2010
Should I get a membership or not? From the first day I have played Wizard101, I have never had a membership, now before you ask why I still play this game, it is because I am a crowns player, meaning I have purchased all of my areas. Now the reason why I'm a crowns player is because after your membership expires, you cannot go anywhere else besides the free areas of Wizard City, making if boring to play this game after membership ends. But when you run out of crowns, you can still replay the areas you have unlocked. The downside to being a crowns player though, is that you have a smaller backpack and it's a lot more expensive and slow, because after nearly 4 years of playing this game, my highest level wizard is a level 61 myth. The good part about being a member, means that you can play this game much faster, larger backpack, and you can venture anywhere. What do you think I should do, continue being a crowns player, or become a member? Thank you if you replied, and have a good Day/Night

Jan 06, 2014
Think of it this way.

You are a person that loves to go through video games. You think you may not stay long or tend to rush it for the fun of it to see how fast you can go then a membership is for you.

Do this: Do a test-run of how fast you can make it to the end of Trition Avenune. If you make it in less than a day, membership is for you.
If you like have a time limit and have to switch turns, then crowns would work for you if you don't got allot of time on your hands.

Here are some irl examples:

You are a person that loves to explore the world. You decide to settle down in a city, only for a bit like a month then your off. You wouldn't be paying a House Mortage so you would pay a Rent but if your a person that wants to settle down or have a family, then you would want to stick around. That's if your not like with the Military, but if your family is, good then. Protecting your homeland is a great honor but back to the example. You would want to pay a House Mortage.

Rent = Membership - Rush through things allot
Mortage = Crowns - Take it nice and easy or don't have allot of time

In the end, it's your choice. You can opt for both if you have the money because grabbing some nice gear from the Crown Shop is good. You get a advantage and help feed food to another family in Austin, TX or somewhere nearby.

Copyright - The Wizarding Act of 85674 allowed me to use Dr. Von's examples but not plagarize it. I wouldn't do that.

I hoped you liked the views of what I think of it and I hope it helped you very much.

Aug 07, 2010
Oh, I haven't thought of it that way before. I'll guess I'll just stick to crowns then because I don't have that much free time each day. Thank you for your reply and have a good Day/Night

Jul 27, 2011
On another note, membership does not have to pay crowns for ranked PVP. Though I don't do that, but thought I would throw that thought out there. I personally thought about switching to crown areas, but on the other hand, only paying $60 (when on sale) for membership per year is not too bad. (Especially when I have a job and it is equal to getting a brand new console game).