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Shared Banks for high level characters

Oct 26, 2008
Is it just me or does the shared bank only benefit wizards who are leveling up? Yes you can pass down items from high levels to lower levels, but it does no good when I've gone through the Great Spire fifteen times and have robes for every other class but my own. And my other level 50's have robes that they can't use either.

What good does it serve if you still need to farm the better items for your class, and end up with items for other classes you need to sell? I thought the purpose was to provide a way to transfer items between characters on the same account.

If you can't trade good items between high level characters (45+) I see very limited usefulness unless you're leveling up new wizards.

What's the general feeling out there?

Dec 22, 2008
I happen to have several low level wizards and love the shared bank! There are a few points that I am curious about though...

Why are there no trade items? Unless KI is planning on making it so that you can "share" or "trade" items with other players, I don't understand why I cannot share certain items with myself? Since I can only share with my characters on my account, why am I not allowed to share all the things I either earned or purchased with crowns?

The other thing I was wondering about is the limit to shared items. Believe it or not, since I currently have six wizards in play I have stored up quite a few items. I had to start being selective on what I was sharing, or storing the things I knew I wasn't going to share with any other wizard in that wizards own bank.

Just my opinion/view/questions/concerns, they mean absolutely nothing to anyone but me! :-D