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Shadow Magic Love it or Hate it?

Jul 26, 2011
Do you love or hate shadow magic? Since Khrysalis Part 1 introduced Shadow Magic we are bound to get more in Khrysalis Part 2 and possibly in the upcoming worlds after Morganthe. In my opinion Shadow Magic is great and has made gameplay a lot quick though in the arena it sort of has an unfair advantage Since a lot of people are complaining about Shadow Shrike being way overpowered and should be taken out of the game, nerfed, etc. What are your opinion on Shadow Magic? Do you love it? or do you hate it?
Megan Frostflame Level 95 Initiate Shadowmancer

Mar 05, 2013
Are the people complaining about Shadow Shrike being overpowered complaining about it's use in PvP? I'm thinking that's it, because why would anyone complain about a spell that is useful for all in the Storyline and Side Quests? Out of the 3 Shadow School spells, the Shrike is the only one I've found useful so far. If KI is going to nerf their newly introduced spells they should probably wait until the end of Khrysalis Part 2. I'd rather they didn't nerf them at all. Especially if it's only the PvP people complaining about it. I've had enough of their whining about everything that affects their precious PvP.

Sep 17, 2012
Shrike seems to be the only spell people have a problem with. It's not overpowered or unfair. People with no imagination just seem to be unable to understand the counter-strategies to use when your opponent uses Shrike. Sprike users are locked in for 3 rounds which means you can control what they do with stuns, dispels, beguile, mantle, smokescreen...and you can always just remove the pierce effect with a tower. All Shrike did was revive using utility spells and shields in battle. I don't love or hate it but I don't see it as a big deal. The only crowd that seems to hate it so much are the low level warlords who do nothing but pvp.

May 09, 2010
I think shadow magic is just fine! no reason to hate it whatsover! you don't HAVE to put the spell cards in your deck anyways!

Feb 27, 2010
Taken into consideration of how good shadow magic is outside of pvp. I think it is fair for those that do not have it. The majority of the matches I get with those that have shadow magic, its not that difficult to get around it.

Mar 27, 2011
Shadow magic is cool.

"Since a lot of people are complaining about Shadow Shrike being way overpowered and should be taken out of the game, nerfed, etc"

Not a lot of people are complaining. A few people are complaining a lot. That might look the same, but it isn't ;)There's an unfortunate tendency to confuse noise on social media with "the community". One person who spams facebook, tweets 8 times a day, or starts multiple threads here about something being "unfair" is still... one person.

Dec 20, 2012
How about this? Ban Shadow magic in pvp and allow it everywhere else, then everyone has a fair shot. But I kind of agree because of ice magic. Ice magic isn't as powerful, and here is something to get it powerful!
- Cheyenne StormHunter level 57

Mar 27, 2011
Odd, I thought I posted on this. Sorry if double posts show up later.

Shadow magic is good. I haven't seen many people complain. I have seen a few people complain a lot, but only a few people.

Shrike made it harder to turtle in PvP. Players who were used to hiding behind huge resists might be upset that they can't now, but really it's much better for the balance in the game now.

Oct 23, 2011
I LOVE shadow magic. Especially the new damaging ones. I'm balance, and shadow magic uses balance blades, so I can easily do 9.000 damage with nova.

Jul 26, 2011
Now that I've gotten Shadow Creatures and finished Khrysalis I am going to reply to my question about Shadow Magic since the first one was before Khrysalis Part 2. In my new opinion Shadow Magic is awesome. I have trained 1 of the shadow creatures (Nova) and have gotten Dark Fiend for free. Shadow Shrike is also a great shadow spell especially for when you can't find converts or to pierce that pesky shield that will block the converts. Also Shadow Shrike is a great addition to PvP even if all the Jade Turtles and Ice Wizards complain about it being overpowered, WHICH IS NOT!!!! In all I am very pleased with what Kingsisle did with Shadow Magic, Creatures and Transformations alike. I hope Shadow Magic actually spreads to the next worlds in the Spiral.
Megan Frostflame Level 100 Child of Light and Shadow