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Shadow magic?

Aug 07, 2010
OK guys I just want to understand why shadow Seraph is the way it is. Currently shadow sheraph is a 1 pip shadow spell that gives a 25% healing boost while having a 25% incoming damage boost. A side bonus is that I gives all friends a absorb but it's not that great. Mend, a star school spell from zafaria has a 20% healing aura boost. What I want to know is why is shadow seraph the way it is? It is clearly underpowered compared to mend which only gives heal boost without the additive incoming damage boost. I believe it would be better if the shadow seraph should have its heal boost at least to 50%. Why 50%? Because since there is the 50% armour piercing why not a 50% heal boost? Anyway I don't find myself using it at all since I have mend and don't ever plan on using shadow seraph the way it currently is.

Morgrim Darkward level 95