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seriouse inbalance

Jan 29, 2009
SyphaN wrote:
I'll tell you what school is unbalanced is the ICE wizard
Forget trying to Solo with this school actualy it is the weakest school,
IMO. Health HA! you die so fast asp. in Krok, I'm going to buy my points back and try another school cause this one blows.

I have no idea why you are complaining. I'm doing just fine soloing my ice wizard through DS (for the most part). There are some areas that assistance is needed but those are far and few between. Those who know how to work with the ice wizard can turn them into some nasty deliverers of death. I can do 3-4000 points of damange to one enemy in one shot so that pretty much eliminates most enemies right there. My two area spells can be as devestating when I buff them up. You just have to know how to use the ice wizard.