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Selling Items

Mar 17, 2009
Just wondering. I am saving up alot of outfit pieces that have different attributes. I am a death school wizard and just wanted some advice from more advanced players. Is it wise to save items, or do you just sell them and just keep the items on your back the highest they can be?

Thanks for any input on this matter.

Death School...Where Winners Are Not Taught...They're Summoned

Dec 04, 2008
I sell them if what I have on is better.The only time I don't sell is,if the item I won is better OR if I can share with my other wizards then thats when I put it in the shared bank. I also sell things that I can not wear because it's not my school and it's a non trade item.
I hope this helps out

Mar 22, 2009
if it's not better then what I already have I sell. that way I can buy something thats better then what I already have. its not going to help you with the game if it sits there collecting dust. LOL.

May 16, 2009
I think it's smart to save an offensive set for your focus and secondary, and then a defensive set for each school. That way, depending on what zone you're working in--and thus, the enemies you're fighting--you can be well equipped to deal with them. If you're a death student, you want things to add to your death damage certainly, but if you go from fighting grubbers (life) to fighting evil snowmen (ice) you'll want to have some gear to swap out and maximize your advantages.