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Secondary school choice?

May 05, 2010
Jun 08, 2012
Alura BH on Aug 2, 2013 wrote:
I have been thinking, and I sorta want to delete my storm char for a myth wizard. Do you guys think I should? Thanks, and give me your true answer, what you truly think!

Alura Battleheart, lvl 90 , sister #1

Alura Rainheart, lvl 27
Brecken Storytalon, lvl 25 , sister #2

Savannah Darkbane, lvl 18 , sister #3

Rachel Dragonheart, lvl 11 , sister #4
Kestral Wintergrove, lvl 5 , sister #5
No i wouldn't, I have all the schools(2 Accounts) and my first character on my second account was myth(Storm was my very first character) but he was the very last one to get to level 90. I found it not very fun after cl because they're was no minion and talos died way to easy. So i made a death then ice, life, balance, another balance. But my storm is one of my favorites. Storm would be my number 1 in pve and in pvp would be my ice, even though my storm is the warlord. But it's just fun to mess around with people in pvp with immunity. So i would just keep him.

Jun 10, 2011
No I would not do that. I would just create a second account for the Myth Wizard.

Richard AshWeaver Level 28 Wizard

Mar 12, 2013

Storm is too useful as a farm tool

If anything I would delete your current life, ice, and balance and put them on a separate account.

Then you can make a myth on the first OR the second account, and your first account wiz can help your second account wiz level up.

Then when the myth is leveled up she will become the farm tool for the second account. And support for leveling up your death fast, who must wait for AoE until scarecrow.

Of course if you have LOADS of gear saved up for all your existing wiz from all the places your fire has been, then don't delete, just make the separate account for your myth.

Mar 13, 2012
I can't make a 2nd account, my parents stopped me when I tried. I deleted my storm for myth. I think i was more fit for myth now that I think about it. Must be because I like challanges

Feb 26, 2012
I have both a storm and a myth wizard. I like them both. These days I alternate playing them.

Storm has more powerful spells for just blasting opponents, and has great attacks on multiple opponents. But storm has lower health and fizzles a lot.

Myth takes a little more strategy to set up strong attacks -- it takes time to double trap, for instance, on the two stage attack spells. But myth is great for destroying shields and blades. The minions are also helpful in myth, if you play solo a lot. Although minions are not usually very strategic -- they steal traps at inconvenient times -- so I tend not to use them much. If you get a life mastery amulet, or a death mastery amulet, then you can use life or death as secondary school, and the blades and traps you get from the balance tree at Krokosphinx can be used for both your myth and secondary school spells, which I have found very useful.

So enjoy your myth wizard!

Dec 03, 2012
Alura BH on Aug 5, 2013 wrote:
I can't make a 2nd account, my parents stopped me when I tried. I deleted my storm for myth. I think i was more fit for myth now that I think about it. Must be because I like challanges
Well, I hope you like myth!
I do a lot, and I (my opinion, my opinion.) dislike storm. It is my least favorite school. I don't like fizzles.

Jan 21, 2011
I would say go for it if you would prefer not deleting any other school. Myth is a dying school that is just now being revived, little by little. However, if you lean on minions too much as a Myth, I can guarantee that you will HATE being Myth. However, if you are willing to master Myth, without leaning on minions too much, then you will LOVE Myth. Many people would argue with me that Myth would mean more than Storm, but that's MY opinion. I recommend asking a Myth around in the Commons if it is worth it, and you shall receive your answer. If they say no, but you still believe you should, make a new account and try it.

May 10, 2013
For death the best secondary school would be Life.

Because this gives boosts to any death creature.

Sep 29, 2009
My main school is ice, and I was wondering what school works well with it. I'm level 22 with 7 training points to use.

Oct 24, 2010
merger3 on Aug 16, 2013 wrote:
My main school is ice, and I was wondering what school works well with it. I'm level 22 with 7 training points to use.
I have trained Life on one Ice wizard and Death on another. Both seem to work quite well.

Feb 26, 2013
I'm not sure but i think either life or storm.

Jul 29, 2009
It really depends on your play style, but my recommendations would be...
1. for healing, 2. for self-healing, 3., to counter other ice types, or 4. if you like what you have but want it to be better then just wait for ,,.

Oct 01, 2011
I am also ice and i have storm as my secondary.
It helps a lot in Austrilund where everything you fight is ice.

Feb 06, 2010
Get feint and reshuffle. Feint is from dworgyn and reshuffle is from the house just north of mindy pixiecrown in colossus boulevard. And save training points for sun spells in celestia.

Sep 29, 2009
Thanks everyone. I went with life, and it's working great.

Jun 05, 2011
Feint is a good one. Reshuffle is always nice.

I didn't train a secondary with my . I, instead, trained the school shields in the Fairegrounds. I also got Reshuffle, and saved the rest. For healing, I used Pixie whenever necessary. I now keep Healing TC and a Balance Mastery for the higher levels.

-Andrew SpiritStrider, 62

May 12, 2009
merger3 on Aug 16, 2013 wrote:
My main school is ice, and I was wondering what school works well with it. I'm level 22 with 7 training points to use.
If enjoy partaking in PvP, choose the Life School. However, if you have little to no interest, I recommend choosing the Storm School as your Secondary, as I did with my Ice Wizard. Good luck!
~Shannon Skybreaker

Aug 03, 2013
Hi i was just wanting to know all of your opinions on what is the best secondary school! , i see alot of people chooce balance as secondary and get balance mastery amulet so yeah i just wanted to know the best one!

Dylan GriffinHeart Level 39 Pyromancer , Secondary school

Jun 30, 2009
Icegem616 on Jul 29, 2013 wrote:
So I have a bit of a dilemma myself. I'm an ice wizard (I know I know I have pretty bad spells but I don't have the money to spend on crowns to start another wizard) and my secondary school is fire. Should I switch? Is there a better combo with ice?
Wizard101central.com has suggested guides for Ice players, and last time I read it, it suggested to choose Fire as secondary, but stop at Meteor Strike. You'll need the fire shield later on in both Wintertusk and Avalon.

Life is good till Satyr, and Death is good till Feint. The Sun spells that give added hit points like hands are good to have (Celestial through Zafaria). When you get to Azteca, you will love the Sleet Storm spell once you defeat Wanadi Black Sky (have posted suggestions). And the Sun spells Sharpened Blade, Potent Trap and Primordial are awesome to have..

Timothy Pearlflower, L90

Jan 18, 2013
Secondary schools exist because of secondary school amulets. Without one, you might as well pick the best from several as many do. You can still have a secondary school without an amulet but your pip use will not have the same efficiency as someone who doing so with an amulet is all.

Myth goes well with Life as secondary. Myth is the battering ram of damage, not the flash random damage of storm or the slow burn of fire. Shields are not an obstacle for you like they are with storm but myth does not have the same health bonus or accuracy and has very few healing options other than abusing minions.

If you do not have an amulet and maybe don't plan on getting one or waiting for the random drop, you could get all the shields from Sabrina, save up for celestial schools (a line of sun and one or two of the star school) and study ice school to Tower Shield. Spells like Stun Block are always useful. You could pick a few utility spells and add balance spirit blades.

Jun 02, 2013
Great points johngagon72.

To reinforce what he said, let's discuss some topics when considering a second school.

Why do you feel you need a second school?

1. Every school except receives a single target "Prism" spell to hit their opposing school with maximum damage. "Mass Prism" is available at level 70 affecting multiple targets.

2. Your second school will usually not hit as hard as your main school spells because of the gear available to you. If you are a crafter you may be able to alter this, but then ask yourself "Why did I select this school if I'm accomplishing most tasks with my secondary school spells"? That sounds more like you may have picked the wrong school as your main.

3. Many players often suggest getting the additional "Blade" and/or "Trap" spells from Niles in Krokotopia to boost damage. Remember that these spells cost 1 Pip to use, and without a "Mastery" amulet for your secondary school spells, your Pip consumption is just too high to be an effective duelist.
Example: If I were a student, with Wraith spell and decent PP chance, I could cast Wraith with at one blade or trap up before I would be eligible to cast Satyr from Life school. At later levels, I could cast Scarecrow in the same time I could cast Satyr, there's no comparison there.

4. Celestia has useful spells from the "Astral" school trainers at and above Level 50. These spells will cost training points to learn, like the spells from Niles, but offer damage boosting, accuracy, and some offer armor piercing or additional shielding.

I suggest before burning Training Points on spells which may seem helpful on the surface, do some research and make sure your gear is up to par, along with a useful pet.

I hope this assists anyone in their gameplay.

Gabriel Lvl 74