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Second Character Advice

Nov 11, 2010
Hi everyone!

I'm a solo pyromancer player who just came back from a break from wizard101. A long time ago I had questing buddies, but that changed after a while. After that, I used to go to team ups for a few key fights, but now that I'm in college I found myself not really wanting to work with strangers from the game and don't have the time to make committed friendships, so I've been soloing now. Solo catacombs (sir and squire greggor in particular) is really stalling me, so I decided that it's time to make a second account full of support characters to help my normal, main account. (Even if I get passed the greggor fight, I'd honestly find it pretty cool to duet the harder bosses in the game myself).

Tl;dr - Which class would be the best support class for a fire type wizard doing a difficult dungeon (assume that the fire and the support are the only 2 characters going in these dungeons)?

In general, I was thinking that ice, life, and maybe balance are the main go-to support characters, but since I've been on such a long break (and was surprised by my poor efreet), I don't trust my intuition at the moment.

I understand that I could just train every class, but I'd like to know which to choose first for time efficiency's sake.

Oct 23, 2011
Heya, I would love to say balance because his extra blades and tri-shields could come in handy, and his healing isn't half bad. And on top of that if you happen to get the balance a life mastery amulet with a bunch of regrowth tc's and other useful life spells I feel would be most beneficial. But a Life wouldn't be too bad either it would be a tad bit slower due to them not being able to use useful blades unless you use a skill point to get the elemental blade Hope this helps.
Oran Death Shard 128

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
I would say either a Death, Balance or second Fire. Though honestly any school CAN, those would probably be good options to look into.

I would take into consideration what type you enjoy the most. Do you want to do a second fire or would you rather try a different school?

Sep 07, 2011
Balance, Life, Death, and Ice are all good complements to Fire (or Storm). Death is easiest to solo, life is pretty good too. I'm not a fan of questing solo on Ice, so I probably wouldn't do that one simply because bringing it up to the level of your Fire would be a slow grind. Life is also slow in the first arc, but picks up quickly after that, Balance is fast at lower levels, slower later, but by then you'll be with your Pyro.

TL;DR: probably Balance or Death

Nov 16, 2016
I originally used a Life as my support character (to a Storm), but then switched to Balance as the main support character. Life has better healing ability, although Balance can decently heal. My concern with Life was lack of hitting power and a decent AOE. Balance has reasonable hitting power and has decent AOEs. Balance also gives the advantage of universal blades and dispels. For my training points for the Balance, I've added in the dispels from Mildred Farseer and the shields from Sabrina Greenstar. Depending on the boss/mob you are fighting, you can switch out the dispels and shields to match. Also, the Lore spells for Balance (Loremaster, Ninja Piglets, Samoorai, and Savage Paw) are fairly easy to craft.