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Scroll of fortune rewards (free)

Dec 27, 2014
Having clicked through the rewards for the autumn scroll the fortune I have to say I'm disappointed. How many Castle Magic starter packs do we need? Season after season after season of the same thing. The same could be said about the blueprint tokens. I have literally hundreds and have used precisely one. Please replace them for the winter scroll a fortune, I beg you!

Also please could you give us some cool housing item. I can't remember the last time we got something good like the bench you can sit on. Just housing items that I either sell or trash. Also on the very first scroll of fortune everyone got a free pack! That was a very nice prize. Let's bring that price back.

The main source of disappointment though is I have been collecting time limes from the scroll of fortune on all my characters and now you have changed it to steerage tickets, I'm never going to be able to craft the other gauntlet now.I have been patiently collecting them knowing it's going to take a long time to get enough and you change the reward. How about losing some of the gold rewards? Who's going to miss a few thousand gold in place of some time limes?

I will give credit where it's due having be creepy clown car seven-day mount and the imp bumper car mount is a very nice reward.

A+ Student
Mar 31, 2009
I agree on the Castle Magic Starter pack front. Disagree on the Blueprint Tickets. Those would be useful, and I'd daresay, I'd increase the number of cool housing items from them and on the scroll in general. I don't care for the Painting, just because the number of scrolls that I do varies from 0-3 so I have random amounts of the various paintings and they don't really stand on their own, like the first scroll of fortune series did. I hope that we can go back to that in the future. In that if you have the full set, awesome, but if not, there's a way to get it/it doesn't need it.

More cool housing items is always appreciated.

Apr 18, 2013
A while ago I made a Topic asking what rewards the Community would like to see in future Scrolls. Check it out and give a reply. Here's the link:

The gold from page 2 of Scrolls is not so bad. I redeem mine with gold-miner equipped.

Mar 16, 2009
The Castle Magic Starter Set is pretty neat the first time it's acquired, especially if you can't reach the Castle Magic vendor, but subsequent appearances have made me dread redeeming it. It gives so many items that I already have.

The 10 Blueprint tokens are the only thing that Spiral Scene players get from the Scroll of Fortune, so I think it is really important for this to stay. There are a lot of neat things that people can make with these, especially if they're into house decorating. One of them is the Babbage Basset NPC, which actually negates the need for the Castle Magic Starter Set since you can now access his shop from within your house. Please do not remove this!

As for Time Limes being swapped out for Steerage Tickets, it's because we got another gauntlet. They're going to keep making these, and we're going to have to keep farming for reagents to make them. While swapping out the gold for older reagents would work, there's only so many gold rewards. We'd reach a point where there wouldn't be enough room for Magical Clay, Time Limes, and all the other reagents. Something does need to be done though, because by taking out the Time Limes the Doomsday Krok gauntlet becomes a pay-to-win dungeon. The Deckathalon event could work for this, since iirc they still give us tons of Magical Clay, but then the Sinbad gauntlet becomes pay-to-win!

Maybe some sort of new house duel similar to the boss rematches that you could farm to get Time Limes? Raquel is probably not going to have an overabundance of recipes anytime soon, and if she does the ones for gauntlet reagents can be separated off into its own NPC.