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Scroll of Fortune

Feb 12, 2015
DiamondAngel1234 on Mar 29, 2020 wrote:
I wish to ask, how do you earn he points for them? At first, for me, using treasure cards worked but then that stopped... Treasure cards for me no longer give me points. I know doing the daily assignments also earn you 20 event points...What else lets you earn points?
For any other Event that is currently active, earning points from it gives you points in the Scroll of Fortune. For example, if you earn points from the Deckathalon or Beastmoon Hunt, those points go to the Scroll of Fortune. And if the Spiral Showcase is active, then doing Daily Assignments and the other activities in there gives you points.

Simply put, earning points in other events earns you points in the Scroll of Fortune.

Nov 19, 2009
I've been casually playing the Scroll of Fortune things. Being disabled on a fixed income I can't spend crowns freely so I can't play some of the events. One thing I've noticed the past two weeks is that previously we were given points for completing the daily quests, for about 4 days in a week. Now it's been two weeks and I've gotten no points for completing the daily quests.
Is this a new policy?
I guess you were giving away too many aquariums, huh?

Jan 26, 2017
I think the next scroll of fortune should go above 3150 points. I could be the minority but if feels very easy to max it when you play Wizard101 daily.