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Schools Bashing Ice…

Dec 07, 2013
I am here to let the people who say that Ice is "overpowered" that you just need to get your head out of a hole and realize that Kingsisle knows what they are doing. I, myself am an ice wizard and I really don't think I am overpowered since I am only level 49 and my health is 3018. My attacks are definitely not as good as my other friends who are from different schools.
So, to sum this all up, ice is definitely not overpowered. Just because you are as blind as a bat does not mean that you can make fun of ice. Maybe… you are just jealous.
Out to all of my ice companions out there, be who you wanna be and don't let anyone drag you down into their hole of a brain.

Liam IceBreath

I LOVE YOU ICE! Kingsisle, don't listen to these people that complain, you have made my life less boring and more enjoyable thanks to you hard work on this game. Thank you…

Sep 19, 2013
People say Ice is OP because of Icezillas and their mega resist. It's possible to get 100 % resist to fire and storm and still have 50% resist to other schools. Ice is known for high health and mega resist, so you are extremely hard to kill and can blade up and wreck your target uncontested. Personally, all schools have their strengths and weaknesses, Ice's strength just happens to be the most annoying and potentially difficult to overcome.

Aug 31, 2011
think most people are just talking about Lord of Winter. I do think it is, highly overpowered, balance is supposed to do more damage than ice, however Manaburn has the same side effect, and deals 80/pip. lord of winter has same side effect, and does about 100/pip. and lord of winter can have Colossal casted on it, Manaburn can't, my 2 main accounts are balance and ice, I love ice, and I like it more than balance, but lord of winter is a tad overpowered.

Feb 07, 2011
i have played all 7 schools through level 30 and, while i do have one foot firmly planted in the ice-is-op camp, i also understand that it's in the nature of the beast.

as a promethean storm wizard, i often hear similar things about people wanting my spells nerfed. come on, guys~ high damage is how storm survives. but ice is defense-based and, as such, have to blade-stack extensively to do any real damage and need to survive long enough to get a decent shot off. high resist is how ice survives.

my best friend in-game is a promethean ice wizard;
here's how some key stats stack up (we are both level 95):


dr von awesome's monster: 3200
super-tank brynnerofreign:


dr von awesome's monster: 32% universal
super-tank brynnerofreign:
81% to fire, 79% to storm, 45% universal


dr von awesome's monster: 90%
super-tank brynnerofreign:

since this is mostly a pvp complaint, let's just say that i can understand not wanting to stand across the arena from these two.

robo says: ice is known for high health and mega resist, so you are extremely hard to kill and can blade up and wreck your target uncontested.

k, this is a pvp complaint. so why are you letting your opponent blade-stack in the first place? stun them, dispel, mantle, stack shields, steal their blades... use an earthquake or enfeeble (trained or tc) if you have to.

i am firmly opposed to any 'rounding' of the schools; ice and storm are both fine as is, so leave them alone, kthanks.


Jul 26, 2011
All schools have their advantages and disadvantages. Ice though has the most annoying advantage in the game which is monster resist. Ice's resist is super high especially to fire and storm if you have the right gear on. I've encountered an ice wizard with immunity with 104 fire resist and 90-100 storm resist and around 40-50 universal resist. Also ice has the highest critical block rating so when a storm comes along and has a critical that's about 510 critical an ice with around 270 block can block it mostly all the time. To me in the elemental schools Fire gets the least attention between ice and storm. Storm has massive critical, pierce, and damage and ice has extreme resist, block, and both schools have great spells that hit hard or have great effects like Wooly Mammoth, Leviathan, Storm Lord, Frost Giant, Lord of Winter etc. The last spell fire got that was a spell with an effect was efreet with a 90% weakness. Now Death can use Bad Juju to give a 90% Weakness and ice and storm got Water and Ice Efreet on certain gears like Aquilan and Bundle gear. I'm thinking of leveling my ice wizard since I want a view of the other schools from a different point of view. I've maxed out a fire waiting for Khrysalis Part 2, I have a myth in Azteca, a life in MooShu, a Storm in Krokotopia, and an ice and death in Wizard City. Each school has it's ups and downs and ice's is though hated among most of the other schools especially Fire and Storm we can't do anything about it except pierce. Ice and Storm though dominate the arena. Though Ice has somewhat weak spells i've seen them hit around 3000 with 2 blades. Kingsisle doesn't know what ice is capable of and they just try to give them as much resist as possible because they believe they are "the weakest attack school". To me they need to start to balance the schools out just like how the game was before Avalon, Zafaria, and Celestia. Ice is though overpowered but it's also underpowered in some way.
Megan Frostflame Level 95

Dec 07, 2013
Dr. Von, thank you for seeing my side of things. This is getting really annoying (the complaints about ice) and I wanted to thank you for not joining them.

Good luck in fire!

Liam Icebreath