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Jul 21, 2016
I'm not necessarily new to the game, but i'm getting bored of my current school and I would love to start over with a new school. The thing is, i have no idea what school to choose. I know this question is asked in an abundance but I'd like to start fresh with a school that is fun to play and not that challenging, Thanks.

Jan 18, 2010

Honestly, all schools are fun :D

Well, that's a very opinionated sentence, so I'll go again.

So, fun schools:

- Storm has got to be one of the most electrifying, exciting and most joyful school there is. The ability to feel powerful comes with being a . Everyone looks up to you to pack that damage and to get battles over with quickly. The school's spells are also very fun to use and are always graphically inclined. There's potential and enjoyment to have with this school, post level 60 (with water works gear).

- Life is the complete opposite of storm. The school caters to those with a caring spirit and a soft touch; those who don't mind lending a helping hand and see much joy from doing this. The spells are soothing and quite relaxing to use and watch. Many players who find enjoyment in playing as life wizards are usually patient and not too rash. If this is you, then give it a try!

- There's enjoyment with this school. The creepiness and the spookiness surrounding it is thrilling. The drain spells are very convenient (example, you don't have to go searching for health wisps) and the school is overall fun to play, especially in soloing. It's not too technical like , but rather relies on simple techniques to get the job done. The minion is pretty cool too.

- Ice is nice! The school takes time and patience but once you get the hang of it, the feeling of being able to survive whatever the enemy has in store for you is very relieving. That said, with the school building on that, you can taunt your enemies (not with the spell) but by playing a style you like. You don't have to gear their pips or spells as you're fully aware that these will do little to nothing to your high defenses. If this play style caters to you, then there's fun to be had here.

Conclusion - A school is fun based on your personality and play style. If you're into thinking and carefully planning out attacks, then may be for you.
For a question like this, it is "To each his own."

Sep 20, 2017
I'll share my thoughts. Generally on a question like this though, it's usually geared towards yourself and how much your play style fits in with the talents of each school.

For me, each school is not fun. Some are just a pain to play and level and when you realize this, it's just going to merit a feeling like going to school; you don't want to do it, but you have to.

That said, these are the schools I found the most enjoyment in:

Storm - No doubt one of my favorite schools to play. You can tell by the sharp increase in popularity the school has seen, many wizards just see that it's an easy school to play (after level 60) and the spells are pretty fun. It's a nice feeling destroying enemies with your high damage and not having to be relying on high pip spells. Lighting Bats are your very good friend here :D

Ice - Ice is not as fast paced as storm but more is centered towards the patient type. Since Ice takes a while to gain it's ability to dish out high damage, many may not find this enjoyable. But if you're into the winter season, then, this is also the school for you!

Fire - Fire strikes a balance between the two elemental schools. I found playing fire as okay, not fun, but not ideally boring either.

Balance - Balance isn't for everyone. The school relies on some amount of thought and application at times to really bring out the school's true power. As a result, if you're into the idea of creating clever and creative means to play and attack your foes, then this school may be right up your alley.

Life - I like Life. I had fun with it because I enjoyed helping others in such a way that it brings joy not only to myself, but to the others I assisted, The school is filled with very nice, soothing and charming spells that just has to make you smile. I found joy in this and this was another reason why I called this school a little fun. It's charming :)

Jun 06, 2017

Less monster than storm. Focuses on damage over time spells and also packs a punch. Has small heals, but can be life-savers. Lots of AoE.

Solo: 3/5

Tanks. All schools can deal monstrous damage, but not all schools can achieve the tankiness of ice wizards. Survive-ability and patience is the name of the game for ice. Couple AoEs.

Solo: 5/5

Monsters. Absolute trucks. My favorite school, they're designed for aggressive play. Early game is difficult, but as you progress you get spells that deal immense damage and eventually you get a school-specific heal: healing current. Lots of AoEs.

Solo: 2/5

Myth is fairly difficult in PvE, especially solo. If you're looking for a PvP character, Myth is exceptional. Their double hit spells, e.g. minotaur, orthrus, etc. can wonderfully break through shields to allow for an unhindered and powerful second hit.

Solo: 1.5/5

Decent. Boring in my personal opinion. Good accuracy, damage, healing, etc. All round a decent school, but mind-numbing gameplay. In my opinion.

Solo: 4/5

Boring. Boring, boring, boring. (IMO) Unless you have a group of friends to play with, this school is horribly slow-paced. While it's nearly impossible to die because of all the healing spells, life wizards are left with so few damage spells and only get an AoE spell at level 58 that progress is a struggle. Not hard, but not fun.

Solo: 1/5

Buff / support class. Has heals, blades, shields, traps, dispels, etc. that most other schools can take advantage of. Again, solo is possible, but boring. (IMO)

So, take your pick. Fast and aggressive, pick or . Slow and steady, minimal risk, pick , , , or . PvP, choose . Or pick a style that suits you, some people love or , while I don't much care for them (no offense). Find what you like most and pick the associated class.

Mar 18, 2012
All the schools are balanced. There is no best school. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. I, in my opinion, would recommend fire. It has a good chance at hitting, good health, good damage, and good resist. To me, fire is the perfect balance between the schools i'm training at the moment. Good luck choosing your school.

Mar 31, 2009
Depends on what you want to do/what you think is "easy"

General jack of all trades: Death or Balance is probably what I'd recommend.

Choose Ice you'll never die
Choose Life same story here

Choose Fire/Storm for damage galore

Myth is good and pretty general, but if you plan on getting into like level 40+ it can be difficult till you get Mythic Colossus. Basically you'll have to love your Frog for a long time.

Nov 16, 2017
You might consider what you like about the game. I like to duel and I like having a strong deck of spell cards so I can strike hard and fast and be gone...and level. I have tried the life school in the past where your role is to basically be the paramedic on a questing team. Not my cup of tea. And that's another thing to think of too. If you prefer to solo that will have some bearing on your choice. My favorites are Storm and Fire and I keep cards from both schools in my deck. As for the challenging part that's just how the game is set up. My current issue is trying to strike and still keep my PIP count up. It's all part of growin' up.

Rachel, lvl 34 Storm

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
Sometimes it helps to break schools down by categories. Individual opinions will vary, but this seems to be the general consensus I've observed when people ask what the "best" schools are for various game-play scenarios.

Best schools for easy or rapid soloing:
Fire, Life, Death, Ice

Best schools for team support:
Life, Death, Balance, Ice

Best schools for PVP:
Ice, Balance, Fire

Best schools for damage:
Storm, Fire, Myth

Best schools for a challenging solo run:
Myth, Balance, Storm

Best schools for minions:
Myth, Balance, Death

Alia Misthaven

Aug 23, 2016
As you can see the merits and hindrances of each school are pretty straight forward but whether those are loved or loathed depend on who you are asking.

Personally, I love Life. Aside from major bosses, I have had no problem soloing. I absolutely love being able to help others out in team-up. I adore the fact that Life has little to no fizzle.

Just one caveat to everything that has already been posted. Do not ever pick the opposite school as your secondary. When you run into a mob or boss that is the same school as you they generally have a higher resistance to your spells. They are also equipped to deal with damage from the opposite school, those battles are going to be a pain no matter what.

Steven Ghoststalker

Feb 07, 2011
depends on a few things:

1) your play-style;
2) whether your focus is pve or pvp;
3) whether you're flying solo or questing with friends.

storm: the go-big-or-go-home school: either you'll hit big and overkill everything, or you'll fizzle and "go home" to the commons.

this one is my favourite school: powerful, but extremely fragile; be prepared to fizzle and/or die often, especially in the early stages, but stick with it and you will reap the rewards.

ice: easily the most well-rounded at max level (my in-game best friend is a max-level ice wizard), though the getting-there part is slower than frozen molasses.

fire: like storm, you will fizzle often; on the plus side, you can breach shields with ease, thanks to your many damage over time spells~ truly a gift that keeps on giving!

death: relies heavily on buffs to do any real damage. can hit and heal at the same time via drains, also the only school that does not suffer when doom & gloom is up.

life: focus is on healing, though it's possible to hit hard with the right gear (i'm a terrible healer, but my life wizard can outhit both my sorcerer and my necromancer).

myth: specializes in charm/ward removal, but at the expense of both damage and accuracy. their thing is double hits, meaning that shields are but minor inconveniences.

balance: jack of all trades, master of none. we have nothing that benefits us exclusively and, even at max level, are forced to rely heavily on off-school tc as we cannot counter weakness or shields. anything we can do, another school can do better (as someone who soloed with it to max level, i would only recommend this option if you plan on playing dedicated support for another person).

i love storm and life, and i don't care for myth or ice. the rest are just kinda there. as for balance, it takes a very specific personality type to enjoy, and i don't have it. but deleting my wizard wasn't an option, so i did the best i could with what i had.