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Jun 14, 2011
lately i have been confused, ok so i get that balance is like a mixture of all the schools and all but still, why dont you have a SHIELD FOR IT? and also
i am really not liking death school lately, because you know how like ice has this force field thing that will help your spell more, well why does death only have: -65% healing force field? I really do not understand. Also, i hate when bosses stun ammiun to the myth stun, i mean... how can they resist this? its all so confusing, please reply A.S.A.P.

Jan 03, 2011
The best way to explain this is: you gain some, you lose some. every school has its weaknesses and its strength. there's nothing that can be, nor should be, done about it. otherwise you just have 7 boring schools with the exact same spells and attributes but different theme colors.

-- You can use tower shield from ice to block balance. but i get your point. simply put, the lack of specifically balance shield might be a trade off from their lack of boost on any other school. But i will reiterate it again: get the tower shield when you can. that's why it's available to everyone.

-- Regarding death's bubble (or force field as you call it), it's another case of school variety (life and balance also don't have a damage boosting bubble btw). the healing boost reduction embodies death and helps because while it affects others, it doesn't affect the health swap back from death spells. It's quite useless in pve and even pvp most of the time, but it's also plausible enough to fit in.
Besides, quite frankly death doesn't need such a damage boost. it has the potential to boost more than any other school (and unlike most other school expect maybe life and ice, death can stay alive long enough to boost to the max), so even if a damage boost oriented bubble would have been preferred by most death, doom and gloom works just as well for other purposes.

-- yes the stunning abilities of myth (and ice) are really not that great, expect maybe in pvp. at this point, all we can is deal with it. it's just part of the school's attributes. I can't tell you how much it grinds my gears though.