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School with best henchmen

Sep 15, 2015
I'm balance and level 58 and I am planning on summoning a henchmen to help me out with the spell quest bc ya kinda hard. I want to get a level 50 one so its only 50 crowns but I don't know which school would be most helpful. My top three now are fire storm and life(fire and storm c of good attack and life bc of heals) but I'm not really sure what would be most helpful. Can you give me some suggestions for what school henchmen would be most helpful? It doesn't have to be storm life or fire just whatever school you think is best!

-Sierra Pearl
Grandmaster sorcerer

Mar 01, 2014
Well with me questing for certain dungeon on my balance it all depended on what i wanted to do and play like, either id be the healer for me and the henchmen(wasn't like i was just healing i was also attacking but maybe not as much) for like the storm one's, or would i buy a life henchmen and do the damage here. but like i said depends on how you plan on playing it. i personally suggest buying a life wizard.

Edward Skydreamer lvl 100
Blaze FireShard lvl 100
Blaze FlameShard lvl 100 (105 in test)
Edward Shadowflame lvl 82
Edward Lifeshard lvl 26

Aug 24, 2015
For the first few worlds I found a 20 or 30 life to be plenty. I didn't want them attacking since that was my department. I just needed them after a couple of hard hits. When I got to Winterhiem and Celestia I moved to a 40 life. In Avalon the 40 or 50 life is needed. The fifty only because of the higher health (I truly believe that Salvus dislikes me).

The Biggest problem with any henchman is you can't control or even suggest actions to them. The lowest level life henchman that will survive a few attack all spells is what I consider ideal. If it is an absolute must to have an attacking henchman then try the one opposite your Main Boss. If Boss is Balance, I like Storm since I can add a few traps for the henchman. If you are not Myth then the Myth henchmen are a good choice against a Balance Boss.

Bring your henchman in after a couple of rounds. Especially if you choose a life henchman. They will throw away their pips healing, perfectly whole members. Be mindful of adding a henchman and a minion or another henchman. They tend to support each other more than the real player's avatar.

And lastly, placement is important. the minion or henchman put in first will usually attack the KEY while the second one will usually attack the BLADE. No matter the number of members on your side of the circle most minions and henchmen will not attack the diamond and spiral positions until the blade and key are empty.

These are general observations, and your experience my differ greatly. Best of luck on your spell quest.

Sep 17, 2012
If you're doing the level the 58 spell quest for Ra, forget henchmen. The Boss and his minion are with 80% &40% resist so he's useless.
boosts +35% against them, has 2000 health and only attack spells.
has no boost, 2200 health and even mix of attack & heal spells.

I'd personally just dress in high fire resist gear from the Bazaar and fight him alone. That's what I did on my wizard. But if you plan on a henchmen I'd go with .

My strategy would be resist gear. Pack TC Feint and regular Feint and just deal with the hex cheats he places on you. Resist and shields will counter them. Blade up, double feint and hit him with a Gargantuan or TC Judgement.

Feb 27, 2015
Jul 04, 2012
I recommend a life henchman. While their attacks are weak, the healing they provide will help you stay alive.

Angela Gem, Level 100
Katie GoldFountain, Level 90

Mar 01, 2015
annaxh on Nov 14, 2015 wrote:
i would say ice
of courese you would...

Mar 01, 2015
to be fair, I personally would choose death. Deaths henchmen are very powerful, if they are level 70+. I like using death, as well as life henchmen, because life can help heal you, and you dont have to waste your pips on healing spells. Death and life are two good henchmen to pick.

Heather StarSong lvl 43