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school spells

Mar 17, 2009
I am in the ice school and a i have leaned all the spells that lydia greygoose has to offer. Now, are there any other spells in her school that are not shown I can get? Or do I have to go to a secondary school now? And what secondary should I go to? The opposite? I have seen some wizards with some really cool spells, like the one that moves your character to the center to fight, or the poisiden spell, or even the big dragon spell. Are there more training schools in Dragonspyre?

Dec 14, 2008
Have you done the quests Professor Greyrose gave you? You get spells as rewards for doing quests she gives you. Poseidon? Dragon? Both spells from Storm and Fire from quests from the teacher. Also the charachter to the middle spell is from swords dropped by various bosses in Mooshu and Dragonspyre. I hope you found this useful.

James Thunderblade Level 48 storm

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
I know of at least 4 places that are semi-secret trainers. You will find additional spells for ice with them. If you don't rush through the game you will find them, usually at just the right level.