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School quiz

Jul 05, 2014
Hi everyone! I know many people posted this but I just felt like making one! This is just for fun so remember if you get one you don't like you can always retake it! Please comment on what you got if you'd like!

1. You prefer,
A. Ice!
C. Storm!
D. Balance!
E. Fire!
F. Death!
G. Myth!

2. You want..
A. Defense and lots of health!
B. Healing?
C. TONS of damage done
D. Weakening, and mixture!
E.D.O.T and strong!
F. Stealing health! ;)
G.Summon minions and take away charms/sheilds

3. For pets you'd rather have ( don't know if these are real but if not they're made up )
A. Ice Colossus
B. Sea turtle
C. Stormzilla!
D. Judgement
E. Fire phoenix
F. Death Satyr
G. Ninja Pig

4. Favorite Area?
A. Colossus Boulevard
B. Unicorn Way
C. Triton Avenue
D. Krokotopia
E. Firecat Ally
F. Nightside
G. Cyclops Lane

5. What last name you would choose?
A. Ice caster
B. Life bringer
C. Thunder cloud
D. Balance maker
E. Fire mancer
F. Death blade
G. Myth blood

6. You're personality is based on..
A. Persistance
B. Spirit
D. Harmony

7. Favorite spell?
A. Lord of winter
C.Storm Owl
D. Sabertooth
E.Sun Serpent
F. Avenging Fossil
G.Celestial Calendar

8. Favorite 2 Colors?
A. White and Light blue
B. Green and Gold
C. Yellow and Purple
D. Tan and White
E. Red and Yellow
F. Black and White
G. Blue and Yellow

If you got mostly A's you are Ice! Hope you liked my quiz! :)
If you got mostly B's you are Life! Thanks for taking it!
If you got mostly C's you are Storm!
If you got mostly D's you are Balance!
If you got mostly E's you are Fire!
If you got mostly F's you are Death!
If you got mostly G's you're Myth!
If you got mixture, you're either Balance/All!

Jul 11, 2013
...... I didn't see anyone post on here, so I'll post here so it won't be sooooo lonely....

Ok, here is what I choose(~based on my opinion and stuff):

1.G, Myth, it's like my favorite school of all time! And that Cyrus Drake is so nice!
2.B,I want to heal everyone and be considerate to one another like that!
3.G, definitely a ninja pig, it'd be helping me by my side! (It's also my Message Boards avatar!)
4.G,it seems like a nice place to study my spells and read my books(yeah, I'm mostly choosing G, don't know why)
5. B, it sounds like you're giving "life" to everyone around you and bringing peace down to the Spiral
6.G or C, my personality seems like both of those!
7.Of course it's G!
8.G, seems like Myth is perfect for me!!!!! :D(I am Myth so yep haha)

I'm a mixture of life and myth......
I know that I'm Myth already, and it's where I feel at home~ I loved your quiz!


ExaltedHarbinger of Light

Feb 27, 2009
1 C

2 B

3 C

4 C

5 C

6 C

7 C. I'm not surprised honestly.

8 G

Marcus Suncrafter, lvl 77

Jul 05, 2014
Thanks so much for posting. lol I was a bit depressed no comments after 4 days or something. Thanks though! Maybe i'm not much of a school quiz person. :/