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School Houses

Mar 27, 2010
Alas, it seems the school houses are far too tempting for me, and that I'm likely going to buy one.

However, I'm not sure which one. I can only afford one, but I'm torn between three different houses.

Myth, considering my character is myth school, would fit, and the teleporters are pretty cool.

Life, cause, living in a tree is awesome, and I could put trees in the trees, and that's just cute.

And storm, cause I used to live on an island till I moved to the mainland, and it is so neat, underwater and all...

If anyone has a preference, let me know! It might help the decision making process more, heh.

May 15, 2009
go for the life house
it has tree people all around the place
those forest warriors or something

Feb 18, 2009
I agree it's a tough decision. Those are the three I'm torn between. I want the myth house for a different reason - the rainbow and cloud LOL. But the treehouse thing is awesome, and I've taken 2 life wizards to level 50, so i obviously enjoy playing life. Then there is storm. It's cool!!! The whole underwater thing.

My son chose his easy, Death house all the way, no question or delay for him. For me, not quite so easy.

Still thinking more, but more and more leaning towards Life I think.

Think what I'm going to do is go through each of the three again and write down what I like about each, and what I don't like, and see which list has more cons vs pros on it.

Mar 03, 2009
:xhmm maybe myth or life :D i like storm but not that much. the myth is cool with all the teleporters and meny rooms but the life is so epic and has wood walkers surrounding it so maybe i will go with life

May 22, 2009
I happen to have the Life, Myth, and Storm houses on different wizards.

If you like large outdoor areas, then pick myth. It has a larger area on the outside to put the bigger items. It also has a nice room inside you can use as a gallery to show off your statues.

If you like something to look like a garden, then go with Life. You can add shrubbery, flowers, and other plant life to the inside of the house making an indoor garden. It also has a nice entrance way to show off a few statues or other items you are proud to own.

I just recently obtained the Storm house so still have things to learn. It does have an outdoor area, although a lot of it is broken up and there is only one large area for bigger items, but if you know how to work the rugs you can get around that easy enough. It also has different sizes of rooms that you can use for many purposes.

Hannah Lifebringer level 50 Life

Jan 03, 2009
I had a similar dilemma for my myth person because I couldn't decide whether to buy life or myth. I decided on myth because the life one is round and hard to place a lot of the items in properly. :-)