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School choosing guide

Nov 30, 2012
Fire: Good damage,Damage over time spells(keep hurting the opponent),kinda low
health, bad accuracy,lots of attack all opponents spells.Good on solo and team

Ice: Weakest spells of any school, extremely high health, moderate accuracy, high defence
good on teams.(also ice can make enimes only attack them.)

Storm: ULTRA powerful attacks, low accuracy, very low health.Good solo or team

Life: has the ability to heal health,low damage attacks,good health, REALLY
high accuracy. good on team

Death: Can steal health (example: deal 500 and gain 250 health) slightly low damage, moderate
accuracy,medium health. mostly good for solo

Myth: Medium damage,Medium health,Medium accuracy,and can summon minions thst help you in battle.
good alone because they can summon minions

Balance: A mix of all elements. Kinda low damage,good health ,good accuracy,good blades,
and caan donate pips. Good for teams

Moon (astral): Makes you morph into different creatures and gives you new deck,health
and spells for a certain amount of time.

Sun (astral): Upgrades spells. It gives them better accuracy and /or more power for one casting.

Star (astral): dont really know about star and shadow magic

I like fire the most. What do YOU like?