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School boost

May 03, 2016
Can someone explain why life boost on storm and myth boost on Ice? I understand that ice boost on death is because the dead are cold and are weak yo that and fire boosts on life for obvious reasons. Can I get an explanation?

Feb 13, 2011
KI for some reason decided to make a secondary boost once they released Celestia. I agree it doesn't make much sense, but the purpose was probably to make the game a bit easier. Now in addition to the orginal boosts and the ones you mentioned, death boosts on myth and storm boosts on fire.

Jul 18, 2010
After reading both of your posts, I think I understand where the boosts are coming from and how they make a little more sense. The "solar" schools as I call them are , which one can observe if they've ever seen a sun boss cast a solar blade. And all of these schools have a boost to eachother Celestial and up. The lunar schools are and as we all know have boosts to eachother.. So being part of the same trio of lunar and solar schools is how they get the boosts.. I've just realized this myself so that's why I am rambling