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Scaling skeleton key boss fights questions

Dec 27, 2014
In the update notes it says "when you walk into a skeleton key fight the boss will now scale to your level be careful because if you are to high level you will miss out on the loot."

Can you clarify further on this please? Is this with every skeleton key fight in the game or Just the new ones added in the summer update? Is this related to the level of the wizards in your party who are fighting there? What level gap between the highest and lowest wizards will keep the possibility of loot alive?

If for example I went to Ra wood key boss as a level 150 with others of the same level, does this boss now scale up? Or is it the same as it was before the summer update? Can I get loot from there at level 150?

It'd be great if we could get clarity so I don't waste my time helping or use my precious few keys if I won't get anything from whichever key boss.

Jul 31, 2011
Please make gold key farming or crafting more readily available for PVE players in standard gameplay. Since the summer 2022 update, gold keys are virtually nowhere to be found, outside of either Beastmoon Hunt or the Decathalon, neither of which I find particularly enjoyable to play. Having gold keys drop during standard gameplay from bosses (such as in Darkmoor) was very helpful, as upper level players were able to assist novices through the dungeons, build camaraderie, and get rewarded at the same time - a win/win situation for all. Since the summer update, my friends and I spent countless gold keys gaining access to new spellement dungeons, without having gold keys be part of the drop table. Needless to say, our gold key reserves are depleted to the point where some of us can no longer gain access to these dungeons. If the objective of the game is to play spellement dungeons, please make gold key farming/crafting more achievable. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.