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Sabertooth vs Judgement

Sep 06, 2011
So this has been a topic with my friend for about a week,and neither of us is willing to forfeit the argument,so i want a few extra opinions on this,partly because i legitimately wonder which one is better,so i'll post both of our view points and say which one you favor and why
His point(saber>judgement)
it does more damage
it hits all enemies
he contacted the owner of kingsisle and they said it was
My point(judgement>saber)
it has a higher base damage(1400>1100)
it can be cast at any pip
you have it for a longer time
it's easy to set up for it at max
i have yet to see anyone complain about sabertooth being OP in pvp
I want to know what you think about this

Sep 17, 2012
Sabertooth doesn't hit all but it is more powerful if measured at the same pip cost.

Judgement 10 pip = 1000 Damage
Sabertooth 10 pip = 1000-1100 Damage + free shields

With TC versions it's a little different
Judgement TC 10 pip = 1250 Damage
Sabertooth TC 10 pip = 1000-1100 Damage + free shields

Judgement is overall a more powerful spell because it can be cast at any time and can also be boosted higher by going full 14 pip.

Jan 27, 2010
Well it all depends on what type of battle you're in and your play style because if you're facing more than one enemy sabertooth seems like it would be the way to go but if you're facing one strong foe with a few fodder henchmen judgement seems like the smarter choice and also power pips are very important when casting judgement because if you have a full set of power pips instead of normal pips the spells 10 pip damage of 1,000 is raised to 2,000....basically which spell is the best is purely subjective simply because one is a 10 pip hit all and one is a single hit x pip which needs to have to me at least six pips or three power pips to be effective.

Dec 05, 2009
Judgement is best. Judgement is more versatile and can hit harder than sabertooth. Sabertooth's side effect is so useless it is laughable; if you need a spirit shield on you should just cast the actual spell rather than wasting 5 power pips on casting it.

That said, Sabertooth can be useful in PvP for a slow tempo build, because you can cast it and have some pips backup if you miscalculate, though IMO if you ar scared of miscalcutaing I would combo.

Sabertooth also looks way cooler than judgement. I would use it instead of judgement if it had a side effect on par with celestial calender or lord of winter. Or it was made into a DoT. Or it stunned.