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Requesting advice for solo play.

Apr 13, 2011
I have been away from the game fore quite some time and am finally getting back into playing on my fire wiz whom is now in the world of Karamelle. I feel like my gear is quite outdated as I am fully equipped with Malistaire's Darkmoor gear. I'm aware that Dragoons gear has pretty much replaced it in terms of the gear to get but I am warry of making the upgrade due decline of resist and critical block. I am usually a solo player which is why I also wear an exalted life mastery amulet and have satyr in my deck and think defensively as well as offensively. Can anyone tell me a new set up and strategy that I should think of using because quite frankly I feel left in the dust. If its important to know I use Morganthe's fire athame, the alpha and omega ring, and a brand new triple damage/double resist pet. also perhaps a new deck set up is in order due to shadow pips being far less reliable.

Jason GoldenFlame level 131

Sep 19, 2013
Darkmoor gear is fine for level 140 IMO. Dragoon gear is certainly nice but I wouldn't say it's mandatory for questing. My only suggested change is to trade in your life mastery for an uber amulet, dragoon amulet, or Darkmoor amulet (the one with 4% pierce and resist). I think the increased max health, resist, and critical or block will help you win fights much faster which means you don't take as much damage.