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Jun 19, 2009
Um i have been reported lots of times and they were all false reports and it is not fair because i bet no one would believe me. The first one was for trying to stop this guy from selling codes for cards, but he reported me for an unknown reason. AAnother one was for amking a kid mad because i got this quest done before him. Then another one was for i was at a party and my friend told me brb and i guess his friend or something just came to me and reported me and said i made him sad and he left? Then another recent one is i was battling with my friend and to punks were bragging about there accounts and stuff and i told them to stop but they would not so i reported the one calling us foul things for no reason like saying your the noobs, your only level 41 hahaha, shut up and stuff mean to us for no reason and we were being nice. Then after we battled they reported my friend Saffron. SHe told me then one of them reported me then i reported them for making a false report! Then i did the same to the other one for reporting my friend. And i dont know if they will count this because it is NOT FAIR! I am telling the truth and it hurts because i dont want this false reporting to go against me!

Mr Lincoln investigates each and every Report, young Wizard. He also takes False Reporting as seriously as Justified Reporting.

If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Just continue to enjoy your adventures in Wizard101 and know that players who falsely report can get into trouble too!