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Replay Value for adults

Mar 29, 2010
I really enjoy this game, I have been playing for about 20 months now. As an adult, I'd like to comment on the replay value of the game though for us adults, the ones who spend and approve our kids spending money on this game.

1. For an adult who spends a fair bit of money, questing is not the main thing I enjoy doing, it's pvp because it allows me to test myself against other people. PvP needs a great deal of attention, there are a lot of great ideas on 101central, and I'm sure you receive many good emails. I won't list my issues here, but if you have a focus group or test group for implementing changes, I'm happy to offer useful feedback and help out. I am becoming frustrated with the mechanics of pvp, to the point where I just purchased the new star wars old republic game because a friend said the pvp system was better. I would prefer to keep my time and money in Wizard101, if I heard Wizard101 was listening and trying to improve their pvp system.
2. May Cast talents. Pets have been where I put the majority of my crowns, I believe this is the best idea in the game and the major reason I am still playing. We know how much spritely casts, but I and many others invest time and money to getting the other may cast talents on our pets only to have them rarely activate. How does KI think that will prompt us to keep investing???
3. Spritely. It simply has too many triggers. I understand people want it to cast a lot, and that's fine. But change this talent so that it's only trigger is being attacked (makes sense since it's a healing spell!) and allow us the joy of seeing these other may cast talents work more often.

Anyone listening?

Oct 24, 2010
I've been here for over a year and basically disagree with everything you said. :)

I do not do PvP. It has never been fair, probably never will be. I have created new characters instead.

All pet talents are random, from spritely to 'may cast.' I have several pets with both talents and some will sit there and let me die, others cast shields/spritely over and over.

And an emphatic no, no, no on reducing the spritely talent. It was reduced in the test realm at one point; that did not go over well at all. :)

Jul 27, 2009
well it seems opinions don't match on PvP.

and PvP is Not for everyone. i myself do not really like it but i have fiends who love it. to get in to PvP i have observed it must take a truly disciplined mind and one who can understand the percentage of the damage and hits as well as planning strategy for that particular part of the game.

i am a strategist and understand how to get the most damage form a hit but i do not have the mind set of the PvPist . but i do know how to wipe out the biggest boss in a solo venture.

so drj go for it and enjoy your self

Raven Lady to rely upon you pets spritely talent is like hoping to win a raffle without buying the ticket. find that one deck that will allow you to build a huge hitting deck with out having to use high cost cards. learn how to combo your spells and you will be able to wipe out any NPC with out having to rely upon your spritely pet.

look me up in game and i will show you how to do this ..
i am Rowan , Transcended Pryomancer