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rebirth center tips for the three chambers

Dec 05, 2012
on the first one and especially the second one is to use spells that will do allot of damage and give you back some health. it is important to use blades and traps. and converts are major in the second fight. in the second fight you have to fight malistair when he only has six thousand health. with malistair you have to use death shields or you probably wont win. in all three fights try not to let your health below one thousand. in the second fight which is with malistair you have to i think just attack till he is at less than half health. after you do that merle ambrose will teleport in and get rid of you and i think malistair. in the third fight its just you and one strong and two kinda strong street monsters. its not easy but in the last fight try to use dear night when you have a death blade and there is a feint on everyone. at some point in the third fight try to heal. that's all! hope this helped :)