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Real Friend

Feb 24, 2014
ok.. i created a Friend Code and gave it to a friend... who entered it... WHERE do i find this friend now? .. he is NOT listed in my 'All Friends' list... assuming i would find him under his character name...

how exactly does this 'True Friend' feature work? ... can we group (if eligibility is met by us both)? .. can he teleport to me if, say, i am in my castle (where there should be no level restrictions)?

what if he is on a different server? .. i do not recall being given an option to choose a server when i signed up (but that was a long time ago)...

is there a User's Guide or a detailed post on 'True Friends' somewhere? .. because right now it seems like this feature is not working for me... btw... we both have paid subscriptions, if that makes a difference...

Feb 24, 2014
so i have come to the conclusion this feature does not work... especially without any responses... :(