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Rattlebones Exalted Duel

Feb 10, 2009
I was just wondering if this is bad luck or if the game just hates me. I have done Exalted Rattlebones 26 times give or take a few and i have yet to get the robe. A lvl 16 joined me and got it first try. So is the drop rate just a random number or is there any factors that play into your chance of getting the drop?

Jun 03, 2012
Random drop rate, sorry to say. It doesn't matter how many times you do it, its a random chance.
I feel your pain, I did krok exalted, and Meow exalted over 30 times on each of them. Some dude went in once in meow, got the boots. Another time, a girl went in with my friends and got the hat. I was ticked, its a random chance honestly. Just keep trying man :)

Also if you don't mind me asking- What school are you??? If your storm, the robe isn't worth it. Malistaire is better. Same goes for life, Hades is best for PVP. Mali is best for Questing. Happy Farming! :)

-Savannah DuskShard100Warlord (yes exalt death warlord :))
-Savannah LifeShard84
-Savannah FrostShard50Warlord
-Savannah DuneShard5 Warlord