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quickest/ slowest wizard

Oct 18, 2008
i want to find out how fast people are at getting to certain places, here, try top some of these

My best friend-reached krokotopia at level 10
My sister- reached krokophinx at level 15

and also how slow people are, try top these

Another guy i made-level 9, unicorn way
an old friend of mine-level 31, pyramid of the sun

Matthew frogthorn, level 40 pyromancer, just unlocked dragonspyre

May 06, 2009
Speed is a relative thing. I believe you are more concerned/asking about what level you are reaching various places. For ME personally I do all of the quests in a given area so I normally don't hit each new area for about 10ish levels or so. Meaning Krockatopia around 15, marliebone around 25, Mooshu around 35 and dragonspire around 45. The biggest issue I can personally see getting to an area very fast is that you won't be strong enough as a wizard to solo stuff. Note in point, I have seen many folks complain that dragonspire is "hard"(tm). I didn't find that the case then again I was level 44 when I hit dragonspire with my death wizard. I assume my life wizard will be also about the same level currently he is in marlebone (dog city how ever it is spelled).

Feb 21, 2009
I have a Myth wizard who hit KT at level 9 or 10, doing only the necessary quests (except Zeke quests).

Side Note: Everything in WC was done solo.

Dec 02, 2008
It's not a question of speed, but rather, of whether the player wishes to do all of the content along the way or to skip as much as possible.

Oct 18, 2008
guys, stop going off topic, stay on topic, ok alright, the guys who was staying on topic, level 9, KT


Feb 15, 2009
Well I unlocked Krokotopia at like lvl 11, but i stayed in Wc to finish every single quest!! So I actually went to krok at like lvl 14. I dont like skipping!! My brother is level 42 and cant even go to mooshu cause skips around to much!! Ok anyway back on topic! I got to Marleybone at about lvl 27. Not bad. Right now I am lvl 34 and about 3/4 done with Marleybone.

Apr 24, 2009
I try to hit KT at level 15 and that is doing everything in WC except the Sunken City. My first wizrd I got to KT at 12 but felt I went there too early so I decided to finish Colossus Blvd and ended returning to KT around level 16. If you get to KT at level 10 than you are missing things and not completing things besides this is not a race to see who is the first to get to 50. I have hit MB at level 27 1/2 but I am not racing to level fast. I have six wizards I have on my account that I work on five levels at a time so I am in no hurry to get anywhere. The one thing that does bother me is that when you are level 25 and you need to go to WC real fast to talk to a contact and that lowbies that are level 10 are wanting to be your friend. The only reason for this is so they can get to the other worlds faster and help you with so little hit points. Paitence is the key to playing this game if a person cant handle to level a normal pace than they need to find another game to play. I dont pl people but I dont mind being friends with people that are a few levels higher or lower than me.

Oct 18, 2008
Sorry, you didn't top anything, but, you started a new one to try and top.


yes, i hate to brag, but i am level 42 too, and i am almost halfway through DRAGONSPYRE! oh yeah, and btw, i reached marleybone at lvl 27 too! :-) :-). i'm quite fast myself, i reached dragonspyre at level 40, the crand chasm past was pretty, what did that dragon titan do?!!?