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Quick Quest Questions

Mar 14, 2009
1. Is there a max level I can get a quest or will quest givers always give them to me? Anotherwards if I miss a side quest then leave the world and gain a bunch of levels then come back can I still get the quest?

2. For dungeons do I get exp for the dungeon quest you do inside every time or only the first time?

Dec 02, 2008
Few quests have level requirements, and those that do only have minimum level requirements.

The second time you do a repeatable instance quest, you get half the normal experience for turning it in. Any subsequent times, you get no experience for completing the quest, though you could still gain a bit of experience from fighting mobs.

Jun 28, 2008
you can go back but the quest xp does not scale to the level you are when you do it ,i.e. a lvl 1 quest done at lvl 50 will still only give 5 xp